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@REM Extension to allow automatically downloading the maven-wrapper.jar from Maven-central
@REM This allows using the maven wrapper in projects that prohibit checking in binary data.
SET javaClass="%MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR%\.mvn\wrapper\"
IF EXIST "%MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR%\.mvn\wrapper\MavenDownloader.class" goto :runDownloader
if "%MVNW_VERBOSE%" == "true" echo - Compiling ...
@REM Compiling the Java class
"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javac" %javaClass%
IF NOT EXIST "%MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR%\.mvn\wrapper\MavenWrapperDownloader.class" goto endWrapper
if "%MVNW_VERBOSE%" == "true" echo - Running MavenWrapperDownloader.class ...
@REM Running the downloader
"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -cp "%MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR%\.mvn\wrapper" MavenWrapperDownloader "%MAVEN_PROJECTBASEDIR%"
@REM End of extension