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Allan Ramirez
July 2006
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Maven RAR Plugin
A resource adapter is a system-level software driver that a Java application
uses to connect to an enterprise information system (EIS). The RAR plugin
has the capability to store these resource adapters to an archive (Resource
Adapter Archive or RAR) which can be deployed to a J2EE server.
* Goals Overview
The RAR plugin has only one goal:
* {{{rar-mojo.html}rar:rar}} used to package the Resource Adapter Archive
(RAR) files.
* How to Use
Instructions on how to use the RAR plugin can be found {{{usage.html}here}}.
* Examples
To provide you with better understanding on some usages of the Plugin Name,
you can take a look into the following examples:
* {{{examples/exclude-project-jar.html}Exclude the project jar from the rar}}
* {{{examples/ra-custom-location.html}Custom location of Resource Adapter Descriptor}}
* {{{examples/include-extra-files.html}Include extra files in RAR}}
* {{{examples/manifest.html}Adding Manifest File}}
* Resources
Here are some references you can use to know more about Resource Adapter Archive.
* {{{}J2EE Connector API specification}}
* {{{}Resource Adapter Archive Descriptor Sample}}