Apache Maven core ITs

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Maven Core Integration Tests


If you want to run the integration tests against a custom build of Maven use the following command:

export MAVENCODEBASE=<path-to-maven-codebase>

You can choose to build the maven project from here with:

mvn verify -P local-it -f "$MAVENCODEBASE"

Now run (don't forget to update the versions!)

mvn clean install -Prun-its,embedded -Dmaven.repo.local=`pwd`/repo  -DmavenDistro="$MAVENCODEBASE/apache-maven/target/apache-maven-<VERSION>-bin.zip" -DwrapperDistroDir="$MAVENCODEBASE/apache-maven/target" -DmavenWrapper="$MAVENCODEBASE/maven-wrapper/target/maven-wrapper.jar"

or if behind a proxy

mvn clean install -Prun-its -Dmaven.repo.local=`pwd`/repo -DmavenDistro=/path/to/apache-maven-dist.zip -Dproxy.active=true -Dproxy.type=http -Dproxy.host=... -Dproxy.port=... -Dproxy.user=... -Dproxy.pass=...

Using the script

Build Maven core with the profile -PversionlessMavenDist

Now Run the script: sh ./run-its.sh

Maven Developers List: dev@maven.apache.org