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Allan Ramirez
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The Install Plugin is used during the <<<install>>> phase to add
artifact(s) to the local repository. The Install Plugin uses
the information in the POM (groupId, artifactId, version) to determine
the proper location for the artifact within the local repository.
The local repository is the local cache where
all artifacts needed for the build are stored. By default, it is located within
the user's home directory <<<(~/.m2/repository)>>> but the location can be configured in
<<<~/.m2/settings.xml>>> using the <<<\<localRepository\>>>> element.
* Goals Overview
The Install Plugin has 3 goals:
* {{{./install-mojo.html}install:install}} is used to automatically install the
project's main artifact (the JAR, WAR or EAR), its POM and any attached artifacts
(sources, javadoc, etc) produced by a particular project.
* {{{./install-file-mojo.html}install:install-file}} is mostly used to install an externally
created artifact into the local repository, along with its POM. In that case
the project information can be taken from an optionally specified pomFile, but can
also be given using command line parameters.
* {{{./help-mojo.html}install:help}} displays help information on maven-install-plugin.
* Important Note for Version 3.0.0+
The {{{./install-mojo.html}install:install}} goal does not support creating checksums anymore
via <<<-DcreateChecksum=true>>> cause this option has been removed. Details can be found
in {{{}MINSTALL-143}}.
* Usage
General instructions on how to use the Install Plugin can be found on the {{{./usage.html}usage page}}. Some more
specific use cases are described in the examples given below.
In case you still have questions regarding the plugin's usage, please have a look at the {{{./faq.html}FAQ}} and feel
free to contact the {{{./mailing-lists.html}user mailing list}}. The posts to the mailing list are archived and could
already contain the answer to your question as part of an older thread. Hence, it is also worth browsing/searching
the {{{./mailing-lists.html}mail archive}}.
If you feel like the plugin is missing a feature or has a defect, you can fill a feature request or bug report in our
{{{./issue-management.html}issue tracker}}. When creating a new issue, please provide a comprehensive description of your
concern. Especially for fixing bugs it is crucial that the developers can reproduce your problem. For this reason,
entire debug logs, POMs or most preferably little demo projects attached to the issue are very much appreciated.
Of course, patches are welcome, too. Contributors can check out the project from our
{{{./scm.html}source repository}} and will find supplementary information in the
{{{}guide to helping with Maven}}.
* Examples
To provide you with better understanding on some usages of the Maven Install Plugin,
you can take a look into the following examples:
* {{{./examples/custom-pom-installation.html}Installing a Custom POM}}
* {{{./examples/generic-pom-generation.html}Generating a Generic POM}}
* {{{./examples/update-release-info.html}Updating Release Info}}
* {{{./examples/specific-local-repo.html}Installing an Artifact to a Specific Local Repository Path}}
* {{{./examples/installing-secondary-artifacts.html}Installing Secondary Artifacts}}