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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!-- The JBoss 3.2.x specific elements for ears.
DOCTYPE jboss-app
PUBLIC "-//JBoss//DTD J2EE Application 1.3V2//EN"
<!-- The jboss-app element is the root element.
<!ELEMENT jboss-app (loader-repository?, jmx-name?, module*)>
<!-- The loader-repository specifies the name of the UnifiedLoaderRepository
MBean to use for the ear to provide ear level scoping of classes deployed
in the ear. It is a unique JMX ObjectName string. It may also specify
an arbitrary configuration by including a loader-repository-config element.
<loader-repository loaderRepositoryClass=''>
<loader-repository-config configParserClass=''>
<!ELEMENT loader-repository (#PCDATA | loader-repository-config)*>
<!-- The loaderRepositoryClass attribute gives the classname of the implementation.
<!ATTLIST loader-repository loaderRepositoryClass CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!-- The loader-repository-config element specifies any arbitrary configuration
fragment for use in configuring the loader-repository instance. The actual
content of this element is specific to the loaderRepositoryClass and the
code parsing the element.
<!ELEMENT loader-repository-config (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The configParserClass attribute gives the classname of the
implementation to use to parse the loader-repository-config content.
<!ATTLIST loader-repository-config configParserClass CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!-- The jmx-name element allows one to specify the JMX ObjectName to use
for the MBean associated with the ejb-jar module. This must be a unique
name and valid JMX ObjectName string.
Used in: jboss-app
<!ELEMENT jmx-name (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The module element is used to specify a jboss specific module archive.
<!ELEMENT module (service | har)>
<!-- The service element specifies a service archive (SAR) to deploy.
<!ELEMENT service (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The har element specifies a Hibernate archive (HAR) to deploy.