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<question>What's the difference between the changes-maven-plugin at Mojo and this one?</question>
This plugin started out at <a href="">the Mojo project</a>.
In March of 2006 the plugin was moved to Apache and the Maven sandbox.
So it's the same plugin, but this one is newer.
<faq id="question2">
<question>I get a <code>org.xml.sax.SAXParseException</code>, when generating the JIRA Report. What can do about it?</question>
If you have a lot of entities in the xml file returned from your JIRA
installation, you might get an error like this one, when you run the
JIRA Report:
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Parser has reached the entity expansion limit "64,000" set by the Application.
If that happens you need to tell the xml parser to use a higher limit.
This can be accomplished by adding a command line parameter. In the
following example we have set it to double the original value:
mvn -DentityExpansionLimit=128000 ...
Unfortunately we have not been able to set this in Java. If someone
knows how to do this, then please reopen
<a href="">MCHANGES-75</a>,
and tell us how. It would be nicer if this could be set using a
parameter in the POM.