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<menu name="Overview">
<item name="Introduction" href="/index.html"/>
<item name="Usage" href="/usage.html"/>
<item name="Advanced Usage" href="/advanced-usage.html"/>
<item name="Goals" href="/plugin-info.html"/>
<item name="FAQ" href="faq.html"/>
<item name="Specification" href="/specification/specification.html"/>
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<item name="License" href=""/>
<item name="Download" href="../download.html"/>
<menu name="Reference">
<item name="Archetype Descriptor" href="../archetype-models/archetype-descriptor/archetype-descriptor.html"/>
<item name="maven-archetype Packaging" href="../archetype-packaging/"/>
<item name="Archetype repository" href="/archetype-repository.html"/>
<menu name="Examples">
<item name="Create an archetype from a multi-module project" href="/examples/create-multi-module-project.html"/>
<item name="Create an archetype with a property file" href="/examples/create-with-property-file.html"/>
<item name="Generate project in batch mode" href="/examples/generate-batch.html"/>
<item name="Generate project using an alternative catalog" href="/examples/generate-alternative-catalog.html"/>
<!--menu name="Specification">
<item name="Introduction to archetype plugin" href="./main.html"/>
<item name="What are archetypes ?" href="./archetypes.html"/>
<item name="Project Generation" href="./generation.html"/>
<item name="Archetype Creation" href="./creation.html"/>
<item name="Handcrafting archetypes" href="./archetype-handcraft.html"/>
<item name="Mojos of the plugin" href="./mojos.html"/>
<item name="Desing of the archetype plugin" href="./design.html"/>