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<faqs id="FAQ" title="Frequently Asked Questions">
<part id="General">
<faq id="packaging">
<question>What packaging should I use: <code>maven-archetype</code> or <code>jar</code>? What is the difference?</question>
<p><code>maven-archetype</code> packaging is available since 2.0-alpha-1: it should be used instead of <code>jar</code>, which was used
for Archetype 1.x.</p>
<p>Using <code>maven-archetype</code> packaging helps identifying archetypes in repositories and adds archetype related bindings to
build lifecycle: see <a href="../archetype-packaging/"><code>maven-archetype</code> packaging documentation</a>
for more information.</p>
<faq id="authentication">
<question>How to generate a project from an archetype in an authenticated repository?</question>
<p>The server id used to download the artifact is <code><i>[archetypeArtifactId]</i>-repo</code>: you have to
<a href="">define corresponding server configuration in
<code>settings.xml</code></a> with this id.</p>