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Update local and remote Catalog
Raphaël Piéroni
10 February 2008
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How the Archetype Plugin know about new archetypes?
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Creation/Deployment behaviour
5. archetype developer using local version
archetype created using archetpe:create-from-project -Darchetype.phase=install
the newly created archetype is copied in the local repository
and the archetype-catalog.xml file located at the root of the repository is updated with the archetype information
when using in archetype:create -Darchetype.catalog=local
the archetype must be specified using -Darchetype.groupId, -Darchetype.artifactId
only the local repository is used and the LATEST version in it is used
or selected with -Darchetype.selectVersion
or specified with -Darchetype.version
configuration behaviour
returns an incomplete creation request
determine archetype's groupId, artifactId, version
-> defaults to resolve, overridden by property file, overridden by -D
resolve package using (-Dlanguages languages can be found in property file instead)
-> defaults to resolve, overridden by property file, overridden by -D
determine additional properties
-> ask if interactive, overridden by property file only
creation behaviour
post creation goals (package/install/deploy)
determine filesets using:
-> package, languages, filtereds, multi-module
determine pom rewriting using:
-> keepParent, additional properties
create archetype files using:
-> package, common properties, additional properties
create archetype's metadata file
create archetype's pom using
-> archetype's id, copying devs, license, ... AND deploymentManagement
6. archetype developer deployment the archetype
archetype create using archetype:create-from-project -Darchetype.phase=deploy
the deployment url used is taken from the initial project
credentials are automatically configured by Maven
the catalog file is located at the root of the repository URL and is named archetype-catalog.xml
the deployment url and credentials could be overridden to use staging repositories, but how?
proxies are automatically configured by Maven
synchronization between repositories of catalog files is easy as they don't define any repository URL
deployment credentials:
-> remote URL or remote snapshot URL
deployment artifact:
initialPom.groupId or archetype.groupId in property file or in -D
initialPom.artifactId +'-archetype' or archetype.artifactId in property file or in -D
initialPom.version or archetype.version in property file or in -D
deployment metadata:
deploy versions metadata as any artifact
use deploymentManagement to update remote catalog