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Raphaël Piéroni
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What is an archetype?
* A Maven project 'en devenir'
I.e. an abstract representation of a kind of project
that can be instantiated into a concrete customized
Maven project.
An archetype knows which files will be part of the
instantiated project and which properties to fill
to properly customize the project.
Each archetype defines a set of common properties:
* <<<groupId>>> which will be the groupId of the project
* <<<artifactId>>> which will be the artifactId of the project
* <<<version>>> which will be the version of the project
* <<<package>>> which will be the base package for all source files of the project
* A JAR file
The minimal content of the JAR file is:
| `-- maven
| `-- archetype-metadata.xml [1]
`-- archetype-resources
|-- ... [2]
`-- pom.xml [3]
[[1]] The metadata file that defines:
* the default values of the common properties
* a set of additional properties with their default values
* a set of archetype resources
[[2]] The resource files defined by the archetype metadata
[[3]] The POM file of a Maven project
<<Note:>> The common properties should be renamed to <<<${target.groupId}>>>, ...
to avoid name clash.