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Pkgname: madlib
Description: Madlib is an open source library which provides scalable in-database analytics. It provides data-parallel implementations of mathematical, statistical and machine learning methods for structured and unstructured data.
- Master: "echo 'Please run the following command to deploy MADlib';
echo 'usage: madpack install [-s schema_name] -p @PORT_NAME@ -c user@host:port/database';
echo 'Example:';
echo ' $ $GPHOME/madlib/bin/madpack install -s madlib -p @PORT_NAME@ -c gpadmin@mdw:5432/testdb';
echo ' This will install MADlib objects into a @GPDB_VARIANT@ database named \"testdb\"';
echo ' running on server \"mdw\" on port 5432. Installer will try to login as \"gpadmin\"';
echo ' and will prompt for password. The target schema will be \"madlib\".';
echo ' To upgrade to a new version of MADlib from version v@UPGRADE_SUPPORT@ or later, use option \"upgrade\",';
echo ' instead of \"install\" ';
echo 'For additional options run:';
echo '$ madpack --help';
echo 'Release notes and additional documentation can be found at';"