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MADlib Release Notes
These release notes contain the significant changes in each MADlib release,
with most recent versions listed at the top.
A complete list of changes for each release can be obtained by viewing the git
commit history located at
Current list of bugs and issues can be found at
MADlib v0.2.1beta
Release Date: 2011-Sep-14
General changes:
* numerous improvements to the C++ abstraction layer:
- code clean-up
- fixed issue where incorrect values were returned when used with
debug builds of PostgreSQL/Greenplum (MADLIB-253)
- fixed issue where returning arrays to PostgreSQL/Greenplum could lead
to a crash (MADLIB-250)
- allocated memory is now 16-byte aligned for improved stability and
performance (MADLIB-236)
* compiling with advanced warnings enabled by default now
* all C/C++ code now free of warnings. On gcc <= 4.6, there might still be
warnings due to "unclean" macros in DBMS header files (MADLIB-228)
* prepared Solaris support in a later release (MADLIB-204)
- added support for Sun Compiler in CMake build script
- fixed all compilation errors with Sun compiler
* added UDF to mimic "CREATE TABLE AS ...", as a workaround for a Greenplum
issue (MADLIB-241). Included this as GP Compatibility module.
* madpack utility:
- dropped madpack dependency on PygreSQL (MADLIB-217)
- improved security in madpack install-check (MADLIB-229)
- fixed bashism in madpack (MADLIB-222)
- fixed install-check not running on non-default schema (MADLIB-251)
* SVM (kernel_machines):
- fixed cumulative error count in svm_cls_update() function
- improved memory management in SVM module
* Linear regression (regress):
- fixed unexpected behavior for some edge cases (MADLIB-214)
- fixed crashing with huge number of independent vars (MADLIB-250)
* Logistic regression (regress):
- added support for arbitrary expressions for dep./indep. variables, not
just column names (MADLIB-255)
* Quantile:
- fixed quantile() function to be exact
- added simple version for small data sets
* Sparse Vectors:
- added check for sorted dictionary to svec_sfv (MADLIB-187)
* Decision Tree (decision_tree):
- now can be run multiple times in one session (MADLIB-156)
Known issues:
* non-unified API for several SQL UDFs (MADLIB-208)
* performance of the conjugate-gradient optimizer in logistic regression
can be very poor (MADLIB-164)
MADlib v0.2.0beta
Release Date: 2011-Jul-8
General changes:
* new build and installation framework based on CMake
* new C++ abstraction layer for easy and secure method development
* new database installation utility (madpack)
* new: Association Rules (assoc_rules)
* new: Array Operators (array_ops)
* new: Decision Tree (decision_tree)
* new: Conjugate Gradient (conjugate_gradient)
* new: Parallel LDA (plda)
* improved: all methods from previous release
Known issues:
* non-unified API for several SQL UDFs (MADLIB-208)
* running decision tree more than once in one session fails (MADLIB-156)
* performance of the conjugate-gradient optimizer in logistic regression
can be very poor (MADLIB-164)
* svec_sfv function doesn't check for sorted dictionary (MADLIB-187)
MADlib v0.1.0alpha
Release Date: 2011-Jan-31
Initial release.
Included modules/methods:
* Naive-Bayes Classification (bayes)
* k-Means Clustering (kmeans)
* Support Vector Machines (kernel_machines)
* Sketch-based Estimators (sketch)
* Sketch-based Profile (data_profile)
* Quantile (quantile)
* Linear & Logistic Regression (regress)
* SVD Matrix Factorisation (svdmf)
* Sparse Vectors (svec)
MADlib v0.1.0prerelease
Release date: 2011-Jan-25
Demo release.