Improved the FAQ regarding support of Unicode with additional details from GHPR #31.
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 		<release	version="0.11.0"
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 			<action issue="LOGCXX-506" type="fix">CachedDateFormat reuses timestamps without updating milliseconds after formatting timestamp with ms == 654</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-503" type="update">Checksums/Signatures don't match for log4cxx binaries</action>
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 			<action issue="LOGCXX-493" type="fix">Wrong usage of milli- vs. micro- and non- vs. milliseconds in some docs.</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-488" type="fix">Space after log level hides messages</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-484" type="fix">Spelling error s/excute/execute</action>
+			<action issue="LOGCXX-483" type="update">Not able to see hebrew values when logging in log4cxx</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-482" type="fix">Build failure with GCC-6</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-464" type="fix">TimeBasedRollingPolicy should append as configured on rollover</action>
 			<action issue="LOGCXX-446" type="fix">make install fails, trying to overwrite header files</action>
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 DLL" with release builds of log4cxx and "Multithread DLL Debug" with debug builds.
 ## <a name="unicode_supported"></a>Does Apache log4cxx support Unicode?
-### Multiple string flavors
-Yes. Apache log4cxx exposes API methods in multiple string flavors `const char*`, `std::string`,
-`wchar_t*`, `std::wstring`, `CFStringRef` et al. `const char*` and `std::string` are interpreted
-according to the current locale settings. Applications should call `setlocale(LC_ALL, "")` on
-startup or the C RTL will assume `US-ASCII`. Before being processed internally, all these are
-converted to the `LogString` type which is one of several supported Unicode representations selected
-by the `--with-logchar` option. When using methods that take `LogString` as arguments, the macro
-`LOG4CXX_STR()` can be used to convert ASCII literals to the current `LogString` type. FileAppenders
-support an encoding property which should be explicitly specified to `UTF-8` or `UTF-16` for XML
+Yes. Apache log4cxx exposes API methods in multiple string flavors supporting differently encoded
+textual content, like `char*`, `std::string`, `wchar_t*`, `std::wstring`, `CFStringRef` et al. All
+provided texts will be converted to the `LogString` type before further processing, which is one of
+several supported Unicode representations selected by the `--with-logchar` option. If methods are
+used that take `LogString` as arguments, the macro `LOG4CXX_STR()` can be used to convert literals
+to the current `LogString` type. FileAppenders support an encoding property as well, which should be
+explicitly specified to `UTF-8` or `UTF-16` for e.g. XML files. The important point is to get the
+chain of input, internal processing and output correct and that might need some additional setup in
+the app using log4cxx:
-### Example of wrong non-English logging
-For example, here is some Hebrew text which says "People with disabilities":
+According to the [libc documentation](,
+all programs start in the `C` locale by default, which is the [same as ANSI_X3.4-1968](
+and what's commonly known as the encoding `US-ASCII`. That encoding supports a very limited set of
+characters only, so inputting Unicode with that encoding in effect to output characters can't work
+properly. For example, here is some Hebrew text which says "People with disabilities":
 	נשים עם מוגבלות
-If you are to log this information on a system with a locale of `en_US.UTF-8`, the log message might
-look something like the following, because the given characters can't be converted to `US-ASCII`:
+If you are to log this information, output on some console might be like the following, simply
+because the app uses `US-ASCII` by default and that can't map those characters:
 loggername - ?????????? ???? ??????????????
-Executing `std::setlocale(LC_ALL, "")` either before actually logging the text above or at the app-
-startup will allow the message to be logged appropriately. See issue [LOG4CXX-483][1] for more
+The important thing to understand is that this is some always applied, backwards compatible default
+behaviour and even the case when the current environment sets a locale like `en_US.UTF-8`. One might
+need to explicitly tell the app at startup to use the locale of the environment and make things
+compatible with Unicode this way. See also [some SO post](
+on setting the default locale in C++.
+std::setlocale( LC_ALL, "" ); /* Set locale for C functions */
+std::locale::global(std::locale("")); /* set locale for C++ functions */
+See [LOGCXX-483]( or [GHPR #31](
+for additional details.