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Short introduction to Apache log4cxx
Short introduction to Apache log4cxx
Apache log4cxx is a logging framework for C++ patterned after
{{{}Apache log4j}}, which uses
{{{}Apache Portable Runtime}} for most platform-specific code and should
be usable on any platform supported by APR. Apache log4cxx is licensed under the
{{{}Apache License}}, an open source license certified by the
{{{}Open Source Initiative}}.
Almost every large application includes its own logging or tracing API. Inserting log
statements into code is a low-tech method for debugging it. It may also be the only way because
debuggers are not always available or applicable. This is usually the case for multithreaded
applications and distributed applications at large.
Experience indicates that logging is an important component of the development cycle. It offers
several advantages. It provides precise context about a run of the application. Once inserted
into the code, the generation of logging output requires no human intervention. Moreover, log
output can be saved in persistent medium to be studied at a later time. In addition to its use
in the development cycle, a sufficiently rich logging package can also be viewed as an auditing
Logging does have its drawbacks. It can slow down an application. If too verbose, it can cause
scrolling blindness. To alleviate these concerns, log4cxx is designed to be reliable, fast and
extensible. Since logging is rarely the main focus of an application, the log4cxx API strives
to be simple to understand and to use.