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This document outlines the steps required to build and run log4j Chainsaw v2.
Comments/Changes/Bugs for this document and build process:
* Log4j Developers list (
* Familiar with Ant, and have it installed (
(requires the 1.5.x series of Ant, including Conditions support)
Chainsaw requires:
* log4j1.3 full jar
* jakarata ORO 2.0.6+
* XStream (
Optionally, you can add Jakarta Commons VFS, and it's dependencies to have extra features inside Chainsaw
See for more information
Simply placing all the dependant jars inside the directory specified by the 'deps.dir' build property (lib by default)
will get you going.
Step-by-Step to build Chainsaw
1. Download logging-chainsaw (you've probably already done this if you're reading
2. Copy the file ->
3. Edit the file and modify to suit your needs.
4. Download and install the dependancies and place the jars in the directory specified by the 'deps.dir' in
the file.
##4. If you haven't downloaded the required dependencies outlined in the file
## there is an ant target to help you:
## ant getdeps
## This will download all the required jars for Chainsaw v2 and place them in the directory
## specified in (it's the deps.dir property, usually ./lib)
5. After you have all the dependencies From the logging-log4j root directory, type:
ant chainsaw
That's it ;)