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Karaf Archive (kar) EXAMPLE
Demonstrate how to create Karaf Archives.
Prerequisites for Running this Example
You must have the following installed on your machine:
- JDK 1.6 or higher.
- Apache Maven 3.0.3 or higher.
Building and Deploying
This example will produce a kar, containing a bundle.
To build the demo kar invoke the following command:
mvn install
Karaf provides a KAR deployer:
karaf@root> la | grep -i archive
[ 15] [Active ] [Created ] [ 30] Apache Karaf :: Deployer :: Karaf Archive (.kar) (${pom.version})
It's a core deployer (you don't need to install additional features).
To deploy a kar, simply drop the kar into the deploy directory.
The KAR Deployer will deploy all the kar content starting from
the features descriptor.
The KAR Deployer is able to extract the archives into the system
folder and automaticallly install the shipped features.
You can now see your feature available for installation:
karaf@root> feature:list | grep -i my-kar
[installed] [1.0 ] my
Now you can use any commands available on features:
karaf@root> feature:info my-kar
Feature my-kar 1.0
Feature has no configuration
Feature has no configuration files
Feature has no dependencies.
Feature contains followed bundles:
For more information on Karaf Archives please visit:${pom.version}/users-guide/kar.html