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Welcome to Apache Karaf EIK
Apache Karaf EIK (Eclipse Integration for Karaf) is the integration of the Apache Karaf
application platform and the Eclipse IDE.
Notable features include:
* Custom Eclipse perspective for Apache Karaf development
- Places valuable Karaf runtime information in one location
* Apache Karaf installation management in your workspace
- Karaf installations are managed as workspace projects giving the
developer visibility in to the runtime.
- Each Karaf installation is automatically synchronized with your
workspace, include: additional bundles, configuration files
* Run and Debug Karaf installations with a single Eclipse Launcher
- The launch configuration allows developers to fine tune how Karaf
will launch
* Automatic deployment of workspace plugin projects
- Create plugin-projects and have them deployed automatically.
* Advanced instrumentation of the running Karaf instance
- Watch bundles deploy in real time and examine the OSGi service
registry from within the Eclipse IDE
* Access Eclipse platform IDE plugins from within a running Karaf instance
- All Eclipse plugins are presented as an OBR.
Getting Started
For an Apache Karaf EIK source distribution, please read
BUILDING for instructions on building Apache Karaf EIK.
The PDF manual is the right place to find any information about Karaf EIK.
Alternatively, you can also find out how to get started here:
If you need more help try talking to us on our mailing lists
If you find any issues with Apache Karaf, please submit reports
with JIRA here:
We welcome contributions, and encourage you to get involved in the
Karaf community. If you'd like to learn more about how you can
contribute, please see:
Many thanks for using Apache Karaf EIK.
The Karaf Team