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Welcome to Apache Karaf Decanter
Apache Karaf Decanter is a complete monitoring platform for Apache Karaf.
It is very extensible, flexible, easy to install and use.
Apache Karaf Decanter is composed into:
* Collectors
The collectors are OSGi services responsible of harvesting monitoring data.
Two kinds of collectors are available:
- the polling collectors are invoked periodically by a scheduler
- the event driven collectors react to some events.
It's very dynamic (thanks to the OSGi services), so it's possible to add
a new custom collector (user/custom implementations).
* Dispatcher
The dispatcher is called by the scheduler or the event driven collectors
to dispatch the collected data to the appenders.
* Appenders
The appenders are responsible to send/store the collected data to target
* Alerting
The alerting layer provides a checker, responsible of testing values of
harvested data (coming from the collectors) and send alerts when the data
is not in the expected state.
Getting Started
Apache Karaf Decanter is available as a Karaf features. The following command registers
the Karaf Decanter features repository.
feature:repo-add decanter
Depending of what you want to monitor and collect, you have to install the corresponding features
using feature:install command.
See user guide for the details of Decanter features:
* decanter-collector-camel
* decanter-collector-dropwizard
* decanter-collector-eventadmin
* decanter-collector-file
* decanter-collector-jms
* decanter-collector-jmx
* decanter-collector-kafka
* decanter-collector-log
* decanter-collector-log4j-socket
* decanter-collector-mqtt
* decanter-collector-process
* decanter-collector-rest
* decanter-collector-rest-servlet
* decanter-collector-socket
* decanter-collector-system
* decanter-appender-camel
* decanter-appender-cassandra
* decanter-appender-dropwizard
* decanter-appender-elasticsearch-jest
* decanter-appender-elasticsearch-native-1.x
* decanter-appender-elasticsearch-native-2.x
* decanter-appender-elasticsearch-rest
* decanter-appender-file
* decanter-appender-jdbc
* decanter-appender-jms
* decanter-appender-kafka
* decanter-appender-log
* decanter-appender-mongodb
* decanter-appender-mqtt
* decanter-appender-orientdb
* decanter-appender-redis
* decanter-appender-rest
* decanter-appender-socket
* decanter-alerting-log
* decanter-alerting-email
* decanter-alerting-camel
Additional features
WARNING: Since Apache Karaf Decanter 2.0.0, it's not recommended to use the embedded instances of these backends.
We encourage users to install, setup and start backends.
* elasticsearch 1.7.4
* elasticsearch 2.2.0
* elasticsearch 5.6.3
* elasticsearch 6.1.1
* elasticsearch-head 1.7.4
* elasticsearch-head 2.2.0
* kibana 3.1.1
* kibana 4.1.2
* kibana 6.1.1
* orientdb 2.2.31
Thanks for using Apache Karaf Decanter !
The Karaf Team