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<title>Donated Software Licenses</title>
<section name="Donated Software Licenses">
<p>The jUDDI Project uses a few commercial products in the development
process. We are grateful for the community licenses which were provided
to the project at no costs.
<section name="JIRA">
Bug and issue tracker <a href="">
Jira by Atlassion</a>.
<section name="JProfiler">
Java profiler <a href="">
JProfiler by ej-technologies</a>.
<section name="XLT">
Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) for both regression as well as load tests by <a href="">Global Quality Partners, LLC</a>
and <a href="">Xceptance
Software Technologies, Inc.</a> Load and performance tests were created and
executed by our sponsors using Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) from Xceptance
Software Technologies, Inc., of which Global Quality Partners, LLC is
the exclusive North American distributor. To enable the Apache jUDDI
project to continue and extend these tests, Xceptance has provided
an unlimited XLT license and donated the source code of the test suite
to the Apache jUDDI project. XLT is built and scripted in pure Java,
providing a highly scalable and easily adaptable technology that can be
used across development, quality assurance, and consulting teams.