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This is a stable release of JSPWiki 2.6. Welcome to the new, all-seeing,
all-dancing, all-spanking JSPWiki!
This is the final release of JSPWiki as LGPL software. The development of
JSPWiki moves to the Apache Incubation process, and in the future, you can
find JSPWiki from the Apache website. For more information, please see
Please report any issues you can find at
Fixed issues since 2.6.0:
* JSPWiki source code requires JDK 1.5 to compile, though it should
still run under JDK 1.4.
* Workflow packages (e.g. for moderating page edits or registrations)
* Internationalization. Included are English, Finnish, German and Spanish
* Spaces in wikinames are now allowed for a more natural-looking page content.
However, this does not break existing links - but names with spaces are
* Support for new link target types, e.g. [cool link||target='_blank']
to open the link in a new window.
* SisterSites support
* Local security policies - no more need to use a global security policy
to configure JSPWiki security!
* Improved SpamFilter, including Captcha support (currently only supports ASIRRA)
* Far improved FCK WYSIWYG editor support
* All new default template with all sorts of awesome goodies, such as upload
progress indicator, etc! It is based on the ever-popular BrushedTemplate!
* No more JAR signing! Unfortunately, though, if you're running JSPWiki with
a global security policy, you will still need to sign the JAR yourself using
the "ant signjar" command.
This is just a quick overview. The full list of what is new in 2.6 can be seen at
Upgrading from 2.4:
* Reinstall in a new directory
* You can copy old templates directly to the new templates
directory. Templates should be for the most part be compatible
between 2.6 and 2.4 - though obviously most 2.4 templates do
not have localization.
* Copy old over the default
and everything should just work.
* Copy old filters.xml to new WEB-INF/classes directory
* Optional: check your jspwiki.policy file against the new one:
some definitions have changed.
Upgrading from earlier installations:
* Please make a complete reinstall. Your wiki pages will still be
compatible, and the configuration for the most part.
Please visit for further instructions.
There are some features in this release which could mostly be considered
experimental at best. The following ones are known to work only
* WebDAV support. This is known to be broken on pretty many levels...
* WebDav does not yet support the new
authentication/permissions scheme. Therefore, if you have very
sensitive data in your wiki, you might not want to enable it.
* Not all old plugins work. Specifically, plugins from 2.2, which
1) use com.ecyrd.jspwiki package, will fail because they are not
signed with the same key as jspwiki.jar, and
2) any plugin, which constructs new WikiPages will fail because
of the constructor has been changed.
* The default template does not work at all if you turn off
Javascript. We are aware of this and working on a fix.
* Our documentation simply sucks at this point. Please forgive us,
and point where those fixes are needed. We will improve upon
this during our progress towards a stable.
* The ShortURLConstructor does not work reliably. Please use
ShortViewURLConstructor, or Apache mod_rewrite.