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2006-04-20 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.104
* Tiny beautification: the attachment URLs no longer have %2F
but a slash. Reported by Mikkel Troest.
* LockReaper and RSSThread actually start now; we were calling the
setDaemon() in a wrong place. Reported by Mikkel Troest.
* Removed a dumb auth statement from SandBox. Thanks to
Murray Altheim.
2006-04-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.103
* Great URL mixup fix: we're now using %20 to encode spaces
instead of "+". This is because of
In addition, we're moving away from using TextUtil.urlEncode().
This fix should by the way also fix plenty of issues with
non-latin1 page names.
* All JSPWiki daemon threads are now, well, official daemon
threads, so they should not hold up any exit. This should fix
an issue with Tomcat not quitting properly.
* When login failed, you would get the URLEncoded page name
instead of plain text.
* If the is already set, makes a sanity
check and tries to find also the keystore file in the same directory.
If it's not there, prints out a warning to the log. Otherwise,
there's no way to know about this: Java itself won't mention
this at all - it would just fail silently when instantiating
permissions. Boo hiss!
2006-04-17 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.102
* DavServlet was not properly reading UTF-8 file names
* CachingProvider was calling cancelUpdate() accidentally
when it wasn't supposed to.
* BreadCrumbsTag default icon is now "," instead of ">", since
it was not a) proper XHTML, and b) it was confusing people.
Reported by Dirk Fredericx et al.
* DefaultURLConstructor was still assuming all URIs are in
Latin1 instead of relying on the request encoding. This would
cause problems with non-Latin1 page names (even when using UTF-8).
Reported and fixed by Mikkel Troest.
* 2.3.101
* Upgraded to OSCache 2.3.1 to fix some issues with stability
* VariableManager is now slightly faster.
* VariableManager no longer outputs HTML (due to the new
rendering system which thinks that HTML is dangerous).
* WebContainerAuthorizer is now a bit more verbose if
there is no internet connection and it cannot find local
DTDs. It also throws a InternalWikiExcepton instead of
a generic RuntimeException or a NullPointerException...
* I don't know why, but SpamFilter.Host was a public class;
made it private for now...
* JSPWikiMarkupParser now caches the outlink image, and
does not generate it new each time. This gives us roughly
a 2% saving on each rendering... Oh, the things you
learn when you run a profiler against your app!
* Added plenty'o'javadocs to parser/rendering routines.
* Tiny cleanups and tweaks all around; mostly concerning
allocating proper size StringBuffers to avoid resizing
* CachingAttachmentProvider no longer outputs HTML when
asked about the cache size.
* CachingProvider would fail to call Cache.cancelUpdate()
in some certain rare conditions. Over time on a busy wiki
they would accumulate and hang all the HTTP responder
* VersioningFileProvider was a bit relaxed about closing
streams in error situations. Now handles them properly.
* RenderingManager cleaned up a lot; new parameter
jspwiki.renderingManager.capacity added. Also the
renderingManager.useCache is now gone; set the capacity
to zero to turn off caching.
* WikiServletFilter is now a bit more tolerant towards
Exceptions - it actually restores the NDC now...
* Rename.jsp had an extraneous encodeName(), causing
page rename failing if it was renamed to anything outside
the ASCII range. Fix contributed by Mikkel Troest.
* TestHttpServletRequest now implements the required
extra methods for the newest servlet API, so it can be
compiled in newer environments.
2006-04-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.100
* Fixed BugOptimizeFileUtil.copyContents. FileUtil ops
are now way faster. Thanks to Kees Kuip!
* Typo fixed in BasicSearchProvider; thanks to Chuck Smith.
2006-04-12 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.99
* Variables in plugin parameters and body are now expanded.
e.g. [{SamplePlugin text='{$jspwiki.baseurl}'}]
* Added missing accessKey parameter to LinkTag. Reported
by Dirk Fredericx.
2006-04-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.98
* Killed extra <param> tag definition from jspwiki.tld; it was
there twice.
* AuthorizationManager.resolvePrincipal() no longer dies if JAAS
is not in use and someone still tries to set an Acl.
* WikiSecurityEvent now uses Jakarta Lang ArrayUtils. Hooray
for code reuse!
* SpamFilter rewritten so that it can use the usual format of
a blacklist; default is to use SpamFilterWordList/blacklist.txt,
but you can control it with a filter parameter "blacklist".
* Both CachingAttachmentProvider and CachingProvider had issues
in case the underlying provider would fail, and might hang.
* LinkTag was not properly parsing the Param tag in case you just
specified a context.
* Fixed a huge bunch of Javascript and CSS issues from Dirk
Fredericx. Fixes BugV2.3.90SomeJavascriptBugfixes.
* InfoContent.jsp was behaving erratically with attachments;
e.g. the version history was missing altogether. Thanks to DF!
2006-04-10 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.97
* Fixed PageRenamer.renamePage(): pages referring to renamed page
are now looked up before that information is destroyed. Makes
updating referring pages much easier.
2006-04-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.96
* Split the wikipages to corepages and documentation. We
now generate two zip files into the binary distro:, which contains all the javadocs, plain-text
documentation and documentation-related wikipages, and, which contains the pages which are
necessary for JSPWiki to run. This should make it easier
for people to get going. The file which determines which
pages belong to the "corepages" set is under src/webdocs/.corepages
* Added patch from Mikkel Troest to fix an attachment delete issue.
* Added patch from Lars Orta to create a HTML report for all
JUnit tests.
2006-04-05 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.95
* Added missing call to super.initTag in LinkTag.initTag
* 2.3.94
* Added initTag() to all tags extending WikiTagBase, and
release() to all extending regular tag support classes.
(Switched release() to initTag() in WikiLinkTag, accordingly.)
* Added release() to WikiLinkTag to clear page etc. from cached
tags. This caused the wrong page name to be used in certain uses
of LinkTag.
2006-04-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.93
* RenderingManager would hang if rendering would fail. This
might explain some hangs.
* With relation to the above: JSPWikiMarkupParser is now protected
against lines which are too long (the PushBackReader would
overflow). Interestingly, this and the above bug were exposed
by a spammer advertising mobile ringtones with a really, really,
really long line and lots of links.
* Added "" to turn off jspwiki security model.
Allowed values are "jaas" (default) to use built-in JAAS security
model, or "container" to use the old 2.2 model. Please note
that using "container" does not yet disable any UI functionality.
2006-04-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.92
* Fixed BIG issue with LinkTag: it did not clean its parameters
properly in case it was pooled. Added initTag() method to
WikiTagBase. Reported by Terry Steichen; found by Frank Fischer.
2006-03-29 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.91
* Enhancement: Added a new PagePermission target "update" that
serves as a shorthand for "edit the text on the page" AND
"upload files". The "edit" target, meanwhile, has been changed
to mean ONLY "edit the text on the page." The default policy file
now states that anonymous and asserted users can edit all pages
(but they cannot upload files). Authenticated users can, by default,
modify all pages (i.e., edit AND upload).
* Bugfix: Fixed PolicyLoader so that there are no import dependencies on
private Sun classes for PolicyFile and Configuration (JAAS). Instead,
we read the appropriate security provider properties from the JVM and
instantiate the classes using Class.forName().newInstance. This is MUCH
cleaner and portable, and it *should* enable JSPWiki to work on WebSphere,
Resin and other containers that use non-Sun JDKs, JAAS configuration
implementations or J2SE PolicyFile implementations. As fixes go,
this is a good'un. If you have been having trouble making JSPWiki work
on combinations other than Sun JDK + Tomcat, you should give this
version a try.
* BugFix: Added a new PermissionCollection implementation that
fixes a subtle corner-case bug with the security policy file.
If only the JSPWiki AllPermission was granted to a particular group
(i.e., the grant block did not specify any other permissions), the
implied WikiPermissions and PagePermissions were NOT inferred as
they should have been.
* Bugfix: Found and killed an NPE in TextUtil that was causing NewGroups.jsp
to fail.
* Minor changes to test security policy file.
2006-03-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.90
* Fixes BugTemplateManagerRESOURCESTYLESHEETNok
* Adds a new resource request type RESOURCE_INLINECSS at
the request of Dirk Fredericx.
* Added the necessary include to INLINECSS to commonheader.jsp
* WikiEngine.getViewURL() is now null-protected. Some
templates were actually using it, but code wasn't working
as expected.
* Added patch from Kalle Kivimaa to flush the referring
rendered pages if page started to exist.
* Tabs for UserPreferences did not work due to a slight
mistake in previous patch...
2006-03-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.89
* Bug fix: in certain cases DefaultURLConstructor would get
a null name and have a seizure. Thanks to Terry Steichen.
* Incorporated patch from Chuck Smith to support multiple
* Bug fix: BugDefaultTemplateViolatesJSPSpecification.
2006-03-20 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.88
* Previews are now fixed. We no longer use pageContext.forward()
but we send an honest, hardworking redirect (and store the
edited text in the session).
* Ditto for PageModified.
2006-03-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.87
* Bug fix: XmlUserDatabase would default to the distro
user database in /WEB-INF/ if the user-set database was not
found. However, this made it practically impossible to
bootstrap a new user database, as you needed to create the
file by hand...
* Bug fix: Page attributes were not available, if the page
data was saved by ReferenceManager. Now ReferenceManager
also caches the page data under $workDir. This should
resolve quite a few problems relating to user groups
not being valid until they are modified, etc.
* Made the ACCESS_DENIED event an INFO level event, simply
because my mailbox started to fill with JSPWiki ACCESS_DENIED
events (they are generated in a bit too chatty fashion).
* DefaultURLConstructor now gets Delete.jsp as well
* Mucked about in InfoContent.jsp to fix a problem with
it actually sending the wrong context... Credit to
Terry Steichen.
2006-03-07 Erik Bunn <>
* src/webdocs/templates/default/InfoContent.jsp: Moved delete
forms into single td blocks. Fixes weird rendering problem
that sometimes caused delete tr to be invisible in firefox.
2006-02-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.86
* Removed HttpUtil.getBaseURL(). It just did not work,
and was causing major pains with people. However:
* Got rid of <wiki:BaseURL/> from the default template. Now,
if you specify jspwiki.referenceStyle=relative, you should
be getting relative URLs everywhere, if possible. This was
a major change, so there might still be bugs related to this.
To be precise, you are likely to get absolute paths, but
with no hostname (this depends on your URLConstructor).
* LinkTag gained a new parameter: templatefile (which is a
shortcut to point at a file in the current template)
* Added missing Param tag in the jspwiki.tld
* Bug fix: Attachments would generate an illegal id for
headings. Removed the "/" and replaced it with "_".
* Deprecated RSSCoffeeCupImageTag. No point in coding for
a single platform. It will be removed in 2.6...
* Added a new RSS feed icon.
* Fixed problem with LinkTag forgetting to close anchor
(reported by many people, sorry I totally missed this).
2006-02-28 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.85
* Added an informational logging message to PolicyLoader
that makes it clear when JSPWiki can't install its security
policy because another one is already in use.
Credit: Terry Steichen
* Bug fix: PermissionTag didn't recognize the new root-like
AllPermission. It now accepts it as an argument to the
"permission" attribute (the first letter is lowercase). Thus,
<wiki:Permission permission="allPermission"> will evaluate
the tag body if the current user posseses AllPermission for
the wiki; if not, the contents will be skipped.
Credit: Terry Steichen
2006-02-26 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.84
* Cosmetic: added NewGroup.jsp and Login.jsp as "special page"
references in This prevents these pages
from displaying the name "Main" at odd times.
* Bug fix: eliminated that annoying "User 'null' has started
editing this page...." bug. Embarassingly dumb error.
* Bug fix: in WikiSession class, wrapped cached WikiSessions
with WeakRefererences to allow garbage collection when user's
HttpSession expires.
* Enhancement: added a static method sessions() to WikiSession
that counts the number of active wiki sessions. Added a
simple wiki plugin, SessionsPlugin, that returns the same.
Slight re-organization of WikiSession (static methods now
at bottom). Sample usage:
There are [{INSERT SessionsPlugin}] active wiki sessions
2006-02-25 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.83
* The jspwiki.policy file now includes a sample 'Admin' group
that demonstrates how to grant administrative privileges
(AllPermission). It is *not* enabled by default.
* Bug fix: Authenticated users belonging to wiki groups were
erroneously seeing the group name, not their full names, added
as authors to comments and pages. WikiSession was not checking
for GroupPrincipals in several places. This has been fixed.
Credit: Janne Jalkanen
* Bug fix: Group principals are now only injected if a user
has successfully authenticated.
* Enhancement: and now
support configuration of a log4j-based security log. The
default name is security.log. Use it to view error conditions
or more detailed trace information about login/logout events,
authorization decisions and more. To provide this capability,
WikiSecurityEvent constructors were modified to add log entries
to the Log4J Logger "SecurityLog".
* AuthenticationManager and AuthorizationManager gain support
for wiki security events: login/logout, and access granted/denied,
respectively. These classes also were lightly re-organized;
the classes themselves, and all of their methods, were made final.
* All add/removeWikiEventListener() methods, in all classes,
are now synchronized.
* Due to the addition of logout events to WikiSecurityEvent,
the method AuthenticationManager.logout() is no longer static.
As a result, Logout.jsp changed slightly.
2006-02-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.82
* BreadcrumbsTag.doWikiStartTag() is no longer final.
I don't understand why it was final in the first place...
* Tiny refactoring: moved Event routines to a
new com.ecyrd.jspwiki.event package. No functionality
changes today.
2006-02-21 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.81
* Bug fix: BugPreformattedTextDoesntWorkAnyMore
* Bug fix: BugPleaseMakePaperclipPicsConfigurableJustLikeOutlinks by
making the "jspwiki.translatorReader.useAttachmentImage" available.
Set to "false" to turn paperclip images disappear.
* Bug fix: page deletion would screw up Refmgr internal databases,
and not serialize on disk.
* Bug fix: BugTableOfContentsCausesHeapdump
* Bug fix: BugTimingErrorInVersioningFileProvider.getPageProviderString
(Thanks to BobKerns!)
* Tinkered around a bit more with RefMgr, hoping to fix these
"disappearing references" -issues.
* Bug fix: BugStrangePageNameLogic (Fixed by changing
MarkupParser.cleanLink() to a far more efficient version. It's a whole
lotta faster, too.)
* Bug fix: If the local entity resolver cannot resolve the entities,
it now reverts to default operation (instead of dying with an NPE).
* Added a bunch of Javascript issues from Dirk Fredericx. Thanks, man!
2006-02-21 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.80
* Bug fix: Granting default permissions to wiki groups in the jspwiki.policy
security policy file is now supported. To do this, AuthenticationManager
injects 'GroupPrincipal' tokens into the wiki session's Subject at
login time. GroupPrincipals are also dynamically injected into the
appropriate sessions when groups are created or changed -- this means
that users do not need to log out in order to see the effect of group
membership changes on default policies. This is a rather clever bit of
programming if I do say so myself.
* Enhancement/API change: to support dynamic GroupPrincipal injection,
the core jspwiki package receives a new top-level class WikiEvent,
a subclass auth.WikiSecurityEvent, and a listener class
WikiEventListener. GroupManager and the Group interface gain a new
method to register listeners (addWikiEventListener()), and a
corresponding method for removal (removeWikiEventListener()).
DefaultGroupManager and DefaultGroup fire security events to these
listeners whenever wiki groups are added, changed or deleted.
* Enhancement: the JSPWiki security policy now supports permission grants
to wiki group principals (GroupPrincipal). In addition, a new Permission class,
auth.permissions.AllPermission, grants administrative rights to specific wikis
(or all, with the wildcard). The combination of these two enhancements means
that wiki groups can now possess administrative rights. See the security policy
for a sample grant block.
* Deprecation: the built-in Role.ADMIN enum has been eliminated. Use
com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.GroupPrincipal in instead.
* Deprecation: the property 'jspwiki.admin.user' is
now irrelevant because all administrative grants are handled exclusively
via the policy file.
* Bug fix: added a "local entity resolver" to WebContainerAuthorizer
to prevent the need to call out to the network for the webapp 2.3 DTD
when parsing web.xml. Also, refactored the parsing logic to use the JDom
SAX parser (and XPath) instead of JAXP. Added new directory etc/dtd;
this is copied to tests/etc/WEB-INF at test-time, and also into the WAR.
Credit: Marc Patteet
* Bug fix: patched WikiSession to treat null messages as empty strings.
Credit: Dan Frankowski.
* Build.xml now uses its own security policy file for testing rather than
the production version in etc. The build file also copies the webapp 2.3
DTD to the WAR.
2006-02-21 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.79. Moved to new apartment, now back on coding
* WikiEngine.deletePage() is now protected against trying to
delete pages that don't exist.
* FileSystemProvider did not delete associated metadata files
during deletePage().
* ReferenceManagerTest is now a lot more careful about not leaving
a corrupted refmgr.ser file behind. Unfortunately, this exposed
a consistent bug somewhere...
* Some tests tweaks and iterations.
2006-02-12 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.78
* Pulled JSP scriptlet code that stashes WikiContexts into
into the WikiContext method hasAccess().
* Bug fix: added "temporary" fix to WikiContext.hasAccess()
to redirect users to the login page, rather than send a
"forbidden" error, for authenticated users failing to access a
page. This resolves a case where access to pages fail "open" due to
WikiServletFilter's response wrapping.
* Bug fix: modified the way WikiSession.getUserPrincipal()
parses Principal objects that was causing this method to
return either "full name" or "wiki name" principals,
seemingly randomly. The method is now guaranteed to return
a "full name" principal for users who have logged in.
2006-02-09 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.77
* Added option jspwiki.renderingManager.useCache to properties;
set to false to prevent RenderingManager from caching DOM trees.
2006-02-04 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.76
* Bug fix: changed behavior of AuthorizationManager
to prevent privilege escalation with Asserted users.
The method AuthorizationManager.hasRoleOrPrincipal() now
ALWAYS returns false when the user isn't authenticated, AND
the principal/role being queried isn't a built-in role like
Anonymous, Asserted etc. Thus, to gain access to pages that
name a specific user, that user is now REQUIRED to log in.
Ditto for groups he or she belongs to. The exception is
for ACLs that contain built-in roles; e.g., "allow Asserted
users to view" is allowed. Adjusted several unit tests
and created a new web unit test to verify.
NOTE: a consequence of this change is that ALCs that
specify "ALLOW Guest" **will not work** any longer (because
Guest is a principal, not a built-in role). Please use
"ALLOW Anonymous" instead.
* Bug fix: build.xml's web unit tests were not guaranteeing
use of XMLUserDatabase for non-JDBC tests. If built with
a that specified the JDBC database,
this caused certain web unit tests to fail. We now force
the user database implementation for all web unit tests.
* Bug fix: Ebu's 2.3.75 fix had the undesirable side
effect of hosing all relative URLs (while fixing all of
the absolute ones). WikiContext has been reverted to
its previous state. The real culprit turns out to
be in DefaultURLConstructor.doReplacement(). We have
added a web unit test suite to test for absolute URLs,
and also for relative URLs (these are manipulated in prior to deployment of the test WARs).
* WebContainerAuthorizer now throws a RuntimeException
if it cannot somehow parse the web.xml. This isn't ideal,
but it's better than ignoring the error. Credit: J?rgen Weber.
* Removed unused imports and unreferenced objects in
multiple classes. This does not affect functionality.
* Removed obsolete "useOldAuth" refs from test
* Many Javadoc tweaks and additional comments.
2006-02-02 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.75
* Fixed WikiContext.getURL(...) test for absolute reference style.
2006-01-29 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.74
* Web unit test scripts gain 3 more tests, which verify that
JSPWiki users can 1) create new pages (no ACL), 2) create new pages
with unrestricted view permissions and 3) create new
pages with restricted view permissions.
* Slightly tweaked WikiContext to make hasAccess() more
flexible; redirection-on-failure can optionally be turned
off. Removed WikiContext.REGISTER; it is obsolete. Also,
removed WikiPermission.REGISTER target; please use EDIT_PROFILE
* WikiServletFilter now takes responsibility for setting
Log4J NDC logging contexts. It also now takes care of WikiSession
message cleanup. All top-level JSPs changed (very) slightly,
and are simpler, as a result.
* Bug fix: CommentContent.jsp now defaults to the "Add Comment"
tab. Credit: Dirk Frederickx.
* Bug fix: quick2Top and quick2Bottom markers no longer have
an annoying underline. Credit: Dirk Frederickx.
* Bug fix: inlined images were not being displayed due to the
attachment not being considered in PagePermission.implies().
We now discard the attachment name completely when constructing
PagePermissions, which means that a page's permissions now
ALWAYS imply the same permission on its attachments, and vice-versa.
* Bug fix: LoginContent's error message now correctly displays
a "you don't have access to page __(foo)__" if the user
needs to log in.
* Bug fix: test version of userdatabase.xml modified to include
dummy created/lastModified timestamps. The lack thereof was
creating scary (but entirely harmless) messages in jspwiki.log.
* Bug fix: added WikiPermission "*", "login" to jspwiki.policy.
It should have been there previously...
* Bug fix: changed WikiServletFilterMappings to explicitly
list URL patterns, rather than the wildcard (/*). This fixes
the infamous "disappearing images" problem with Tomcat 4.1.
Also removed Register.jsp as protected resource, since it
vanished a long time ago anyhow.
2006-01-23 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.73
* Added ParamTag (provide name-value pairs to enclosing
ParamHandler tag) and ParamHandler (capability to accept
contained name-value pairs).
* Modified LinkTag to implement ParamHandler and accept
body content. The purpose is to support linking to custom
JSPs with any parameters.
2006-01-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.72
* Changed WikiContext.checkAccess() to return a boolean, so
that JSP pages can actually check whether they should return
from processing or not. This should fix a number of strange
* Renamed WikiContext.checkAccess() to WikiContext.hasAccess()
to reflect its new role.
* Added TabTag and TabbedSectionTag, which cleaned up the default
templates *enormously*. Thanks heaps to Dirk Fredericx!
* Added some extra safeties to URL Constructors to make sure the
proper encoding is being used in UTF-8.
* The Ant war-task did not properly place jspwiki.jks in the
WAR file, causing problems if the keystore was somewhere else
than in the default location.
2006-01-16 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.71
* Weblogentry-related CSS are now less fugly.
2006-01-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* DefaultPermissions.txt is now gone. Thanks to Frank Fischer.
2006-01-13 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.70
* Tweaks to web unit tests to make auto-deploy scripts
work with Tomcat 4.1.
* Bug fix: XMLUserDatbase was dying horribly in
certain cases with WAR deployments.
* Added more 'create wiki group' unit tests
2006-01-11 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.69
* Minor tweaks to web unit tests; they now use the same
test user and password as the unit tests. Small adjiustments
to JDBC setup scripts to inject test users into database
at setup time.
* Added 'create wiki group' web unit test
2006-01-10 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.68
* We now have basic web unit tests, courtesy of the integration
of JWebUnit into build.xml and tests/etc/webtests.xml.
Four jars were added to the 'lib' dir for testing. Web unit
testing simulates a browser's experience and verifies that
the following test cases run properly:
- Anonymous viewing (Main and About pages)
- Setting asserted name via cookies
- Creating user profiles
- Logging in to JSPWiki using a password
Four combinations are explicitly tested: custom and container
authentication, each of these with both the XML and JDBC user
database types. Note to developers: the Ant task
"webtests" should be part of your test plan. Learn, love
and embrace JWebUnit. It's easy to express test cases
with it, and we will (no doubt) be creating more test cases
as we go... see examples in package com.ecyrd.jspwiki.web.
* Rules for accessing UserPreferences in container-mananged
environments have been relaxed significantly: users do not
have to be logged in to edit preferences or their profiles.
Instead, unauthenticated users attempting to create a profile
receive a polite error message directing them to log in first.
If the container shares user data with JSPWiki, the profile
will be saved, and the user will as a result be registered
with the container.
* UserDatabase interface receives one new method:
isSharedWithContainer(), to permit JSPWiki to serve
as a web container user registrar (see previous bullet).
Also, receives a new property:
which defaults to false. Only JDBCUserDatabase uses it now.
* UserCheckTag gains an extra status type: "setPassword"
which identifies whether users are allowed to change their
JSPWiki passwords. For custom-auth configurations and
container-auth configurations with shared user databases,
this will be true. For most container auth scenarios (i.e.,
where user data is not shared), this will be false.
* WikiPermission receives a new permission type, "editProfile"
that is better aligned with the streamlined profile pages
introduced in 2.3.48; "registerUser" is officially deprecated
and will be completely eliminated in a future build. To
register users, you MUST add the "editProfile" permission
for each required Role, otherwise the profile tab will be blank.
I am sorry about this -- but I promise this will absolutely be
the last change we make to the policy grammar prior to
official release. See the sample
* Bug fix: UserDatabase contract now specifies that setting
created/modified timestamps is now the responsibility of
the implementation, and is no longer done by UserManager.
* Bug fix: email field on profile form now obeys the docs:
is is now, in fact, optional, and won't prevent profile
saving if omitted.
* Bug fix: PreferencesContent's tab highlighting works better,
if not perfectly. Credit: Dirk Frederickx.
* Bug fix: etc/db was erroneously (if harmlessly) being
included in WAR builds.
* JBoss login-config.xml JAAS sample snippet appended to
jspwiki.jaas. Credit: Milt Taylor.
2006-01-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.67
* XHTMLToWikiTranslator now supports <strong> and <em>
* XHTMLToWikiTranslator now supports different URL Constructors
(which makes FCK run again)
* Fix for BugRSSHasInvalidDccreatorProperty (well, not really
a fix, but it should play nicer with aggregators).
* Refactored XHTMLToWikiTranslator tests - they were actually
not working at all... Shame on me for not noticing earlier.
2006-01-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.66
* WikiEngine now checks whether a page has changed before
committing it. This should help reduce all the empty changes
that people do when they just click "save" in panic.
* InputValidator now accepts email addresses of the form
"firstname.lastname@something" and "name+extension@something".
* Added a tiny sanity check in WikiServletFilter
* Added EditFindReplaceHelp which was missing...
2006-01-05 Andrew Jaquith <andrew AT freshcookies DOT org>
* 2.3.65
* Bug fix: XMLUserDatabase now commits using proper UTF-8.
It was not doing so previously, in spite of an XML header that
suggested otherwise.
* Bug fix: InputValidator's validate() was rejecting
null or blank strings as invalid. This is incorrect
behavior, and these values now validate. Note that the
validateNotNull() method should be used if checking for
blank/null strings is required.
* JDBCUserDatabase gets basic support for inserting
an "initial role" row into a admin-defined roles table.
This is designed to enable JSPWiki to serve as an
enrollment mechanism for container-managed users, in
those cases where the container and JSPWiki share
user information. A future set of commits will include
adjustments to WikiPermission, UserManager and
UserPreferences to support the UI aspects of container
enrollment functionality. We do *not* envison broader
role management capabilities for JDBCUserDatabase,
other than just this initial role row insert support.
2006-01-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.64
* Fixed a relatively serious bug which was caused by
FormSet doing a very selective remove() on its parameters;
this was relying on the fact that the FormSet parameters
are not stored (which was true on the old TranslatorReader).
The new RenderingManager stores the parsed parameter arrays,
which means that plugins Shall Not Modify their parameters,
or risk getting the same data back again the next time.
(However, if the page data expires, then you shall get the
original parameters.) I am not sure whether this is good
In effect, this fixes problems with bug reporting
2006-01-01 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.63
* Fixed a number of failing tests (table and refmgr)
* Fixed table of contents generating faulty section
references for percent-encoded headings.
2005-12-30 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.62
* Modified AttachmentServlet, LinkTag, InfoContent.jsp to fix
attachment revision upload bug.
2005-12-21 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.61
* Quick fix from Dirk: table sorting works again.
* Favourites menu looks a bit better now.
* Added link to the Favourites menu in the UserPreferences.
* Bug fix: trying to upload a new revision of an attachment
resulted in a broken directory structure. This is still
buggy, you can't upload a new revision of a file.
* Did some tweaking of the jspwiki.css to make it a bit
more accessible (the link underlines are back, and you
can now actually read the titles, if you made the array
2005-12-20 Erik Bunn <>
* Modified jspwiki-common.js: overriding Array prototype
potentially breaks 3rd party scripts using arrays as maps.
Use ExtArray, instead.
2005-12-19 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.60 aka the "Neat and Tidy" release
* Complete, radical overhaul of the standard CSS jspwiki.css.
It is organized (!) and significantly trimmed back from its
former sprawling self. Note the new <div> classes "error"
"information" and "warning". These have been substituted into
one-timer classes like "versionnote". The styles, overall,
have had most of the rough edges rubbed out... not perfect
but it's a start -- not all of Dirk's recommendations made
it in.
* Tweaked PageActions by substituting page up/down icons for
webdings. Also, comment permissions are checked instead
of assuming edit (credit: Benedikt Rausch).
* Adjusted table generation routines in JSPWikiMarkupParser
and ListLocksPlugin to inject class="odd" attributes
into generated table rows. LLP also gives tables
the style "wikitable" and now emits XHTML-compliant markup.
* Added attribute "div" to <wiki:Messages> tag to allow
messages to be neatly wrapped. Default class is "information".
This required minor tweaks to several JSPs.
* Turned LeftMenuFooter into a blank page, which makes the left
menu area nicer and cleaner. The default did nothing but display
referring pages, which we already know how to do via the
PageContent tabs. Less clutter, mo' better!
* LeftMenu.jsp and LeftMenuFooter.jsp are laid to rest, with honors.
* Commented out the <resource-ref> in web.xml for jdbc/UserDatabase;
it isn't on by default anyway, and it was causing JBoss to emit
a harmless (but annoying) error messages (credit: Milt Taylor).
2005-12-19 Erik Bunn <>
* 2.3.59
* Bug fix: reordered AttachmentServlet to get rid of an
HttpServletRequest reader/input stream access error when running
under Jetty. The Multipart library in the servlet fetched the
input, WikiEngine.createContext() attempted to modify it, and
Jetty, being strict about this, threw an exception.
2005-12-17 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.58
* Bug fix: Comment preview no longer views double
* Bug fix: Comment preview no longer loses author/link
2005-12-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.57
* Just improved some output coming from the AttachmentServlet.
* Fixed a few instances of still using Category instead of
2005-12-13 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.56
* Lots of cleanup to the top-level JSP pages: all of
the permission-checking is now in a new WikiContext
method called checkAccess(HttpServletResponse).
The workflow now goes like this: if a non-authenticated
user tries to access an unauthorized page, he or she is
redirected to the login page. If already logged in,
JSPWiki returns a standard 403 (forbidden) code. We
will likely use a nicer error page in the future.
LoginError.txt goes away; it is not needed any more.
* User profile save operations now have *actual* input
validation, courtesy of InputValidator. The email
address is checked for conformance, and the other
fields (except password) are checked for nasty
characters like angle brackets. Yes, yes, we know...
what took us so long? There's more to do but it's a
good start.
* UserProfile.jsp gets some clever scriptlet hackery
via the 'tab' parameter to activate (or preserve)
a particular tab. This fixes the "disappearing profile"
issue during save operations.
* WikiSession receives a series of new methods for
stashing, retrieving and clearing UI messages. These
are used primarily for auth-related messages but
are generic. All of the JSP pages that previously
stashed "msg" objects in the HttpSession now use these
methods. A companion JSP tag <wiki:Messages> makes
printing messages dead-simple.
* AuthManager's logout() method resets the entire HTTP
session, like it used to.
* UserManager validation routines were moved into new UI
class InputValidator; additional refactorings including
the new validation classes and WikiSession messages.
* XMLUserDatabase now relies on its own cheap-and-cheerful
DOM writing routine. Errors using the standard J2SE
TRAX APIs were previously causing the users not to be
written to disk.
* Fixed several failing auth.* tests.
2005-12-12 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.55
* ReferringPagesPlugin and the like now also have the "include"
* Preview was showing things twice (missing return -statement
in Edit.jsp... oops.)
2005-12-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.54
* AttachmentServlet no longer throws an exception with
overzealous clients.
2005-12-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.53
* Unknown file types would cause an exception when generating
enclosures in RSS feed.
* Wiki page RSS feeds are now a bit more descriptive.
* Removed extra attributes for EditorTag from jspwiki.tld.
* AuthenticationManager now uses less invasive logging levels
if someone typos their username... Less email for me, hooray!
* DiffLinkTag has now some small NPE protection... Fixes
symptoms, not cause.
* RSS now also supports ETags.
* Fixed an issue with Javascript - HighlightWord would sometimes
die (thanks Dirk!)
2005-12-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.52
* Removed some extra crud from jspwiki.css.
* Removed extra quotes from LinkTag. Oops...
* Fixed an issue with Diff.jsp (page names were not recorded,
if you changed from it).
* Hopefully fixed an issue with IE and leftmenu disappearing.
* 2.3.51
* Added "accesskey" parameter to LinkTag. Thanks to Gregor
* InfoContent.jsp would fail if there was only one
version of a page. Thanks to Dirk for pointing this out!
2005-12-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.50 alpha.
* Added collapsebox from BrushedTemplate. Also synced
some search stuff from Brushed.
* TableOfContents are now collapsable.
* Moved the layout around a bit - actions are now a part of
Header.jsp and Footer.jsp. This allows us to do a slightly
nicer layout, I think.
2005-12-04 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.49
* Added LinkTag at the request of Gregor Hagedorn. It
does pretty much everything. Adding documentation later...
This class also needs some serious working so that the
functionality could be offered to other classes as well
(such as the Image plugin).
* Hopefully fixed the "my username is null" -problem, which
would occur, if you were both logged in and had a cookie.
* Added a patch from Matt Luker to allow numbering in
* InterWiki links are now also checked for image inlining.
Merry Christmas :)
* FCK.jsp had two elements reversed. Thanks Dirk Fredericx!
* Diffs now use code from BrushedTemplate by Dirk.
* WikiServletFilter was letting only US-ASCII through - oops...
* WikiForms can now handle UTF-8.
* TableOfContentsPlugin font size was set accidentally to zero
in jspwiki.css. WTF?
* Reworked the jolly old "include correct CSS based on browser"
to be a proper Javascript method call.
2005-11-29 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.48
* Major refactoring of UserPreferences.jsp. The separate
registration page is now *gone* and merged into the
prefs page. The prefs page itself now has tabs --
one for the user profile, and one for prefs. This
means we can relax a few of the security assumptions
at the JSP level, since they are already baked into
the core UserManager APIs. (Addresses Dirk's requests.)
* Setting the user name via cookies is back!
* The security policy was loosened to allow anonymous
users to edit their pref. WikiPermission "EditPreferences"
has been broadened in meaning to include prefs AND
profiles, while "RegisterUser" means simply the ability
to create a profile. RegisterUser will *probably* vanish
or be renamed in the near future.
* SpecialPage REGISTER now points to UserPreferences.jsp
* UserPreferences now implements a caching scheme for user
profiles that downstream classes like UserProfileTag
need. Also, UserPreferences gets a second password
(confirmation) field. UserManager receives additional
validation logic for processing same.
Everybody's happy, but especially Dirk.
* Bugfix for XMLUserDatabase that caused funny auth
problems if the userdatabase prop
was commented out. (Credit: Janne)
* Favorites/PageActions get context-sensitive
"Log in" "Logout" and "Create group" links.
* Build.xml gets some stub code for HTTP/web unit testing.
There aren't any tests just yet, but we do have a
snappy Tomcat auto-deploy mechanism now.
* Thanks to the magic of XyleScope, the default
jspwiki.css gets some small tweaks to make the overall
styles a bit more aesthetically pleasing and consistent.
* "You are anonymous" discreetly disappears.
* Temporary bugfix for infinite-redirection loop issue with
Login.jsp... introduces another one...
* This release introduces a known bugs: a "redirect loop"
occurs when using container-managed auth and accessing
a forbidden page. This will be fixed in my next
2005-11-27 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.47
* Added "type" parameter to IncludeResourcesTag. This allows you
now to include multiple types of resources in different places.
* Quite a few top-level JSPs had the old EditorManager package,
* Added quite a lot of stuff from BrushedTemplate, including
collapsible lists, sortable tables, etc.
2005-11-26 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.46
* Reworked EditContent.jsp to account for changes in editor
* Variable content is now escaped before shown. Thanks to
Gregor Hagedorn for pointing this out.
* Added new package: module, containing ModuleManager and
WikiModuleInfo classes.
* Added WikiContext.findContext() to make life a bit easier
for template writers.
* Moved TemplateManager to new package: ui.
* Added etc/ini/jspwiki_module.xml to contain some defaults.
* Added WikiServletFilter and the ability for plugins, etc to
request an injection of things in the header. This is done by
adding <wiki:InsertResources> in commonheader.jsp. It inserts
a particularly formatted comment in the header, which is then
replaced by WikiServletFilter. A plugin may request a script
or a CSS file by using new methods in TemplateManager. Based
on ideas and code by Kees Kuip.
* Removed editors from Java files and put them in JSP files
under templates/default/editors/. It's now possible for a template
to override any editor, or to use any editor they like. It
should also make editors pluggable components.
* Continuing template rework. Reworked EditorTag, removed
EditorAreaTag. Added RequestResourceTag and InsertResourcesTag.
2005-11-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.45 aka "The Great Template Break"
* Added serialVersionUID to most classes that were missing it.
* Added EditorManager class. It's currently somewhat dummy,
but it should allow fully pluginizable editors in the future.
Incidentally, this means that we got rid of EditorAreaTag...
Sorry - this breaks quite a few templates out there. But now,
if you want to create your editor, take a copy of
editors/plain.jsp, put it in your own template directory, and
modify the blazes out of it.
* Got finally rid of the very confusing "text" parameter for
all editors. The new parameter name is
EditorManager.REQ_EDITEDTEXT. Note that this may break your
current configurations.
* Hopefully finally fixed BugHtmlCharEntitiesMishandledInPreview.
* Fixed BugIncorrectServletAPIVersionInREADME.
2005-11-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.44
* Tiny JSPWikiMarkupParser speed optimizations.
* Added build.xml patch from DaveSB to fix signing issues on
* Added patch from DaveSB to support nested plugins.
* Added support in ReferringPagesPlugin for "exclude" -parameter:
use "exclude='pattern1,pattern2,pattern3'".
2005-11-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.43
* Fixed HTMLEntitiesAreGettingEscapedByamp and
BugHtmlCharEntitiesMishandledInPreview. It was a nasty bug
in the new rendering engine.
2005-11-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.42
* Bold and italic markup are now carried across paragraph
breaks. This is a convinience factor - XHTML does not
allow it, but we store the state.
2005-11-08 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.41
* Fixed a nasty, serious authentication bug introduced
in 2.3.35 code for checking for cookie changes. Cookie
changes were triggering "container logins", which
caused the JAAS Subject to be rebuilt from scratch.
Instead of blowing away the Subject (and associated
WikiSession) at logout time (or when the user's auth
status changes), the Subject is now preserved for the
life of the Http Session. In addition, executing
Logout.jsp no longer invalidates the HTTP session;
instead, the AuthenticationManager logout() method
simply resets the Subject's principal set instead.
* Added an invalidate() method to WikiSession that
resets user wiki session principals when requested
by AuthManager.logout(). Resetting principals
means making a user an anonymous guest user.
Refactored WikiSession's cookie-change detection code.
* All of the *LoginModule classes received
tweaks to make them work with long-lived
Subjects. In particular, login modules that
inject Role principals now remove less-prileged ones.
For example, the UserDatabaseLoginModule injects
Role.AUTHENTICATED upon login; it also explicitly
removes Role.ANONYMOUS and Role.ASSERTED
if these are found.
* <wiki:UserCheck> regains the venerable status attribute
"known", which denotes an authentication status of
"not anonymous", aka either authenticated or asserted.
This fixes an issue in the new JSP templates from 2.3.37.
* HttpUtil gets an *even more* reliable fix to
the BaseURL issue patched in 2.3.40.
* Added "SpecialPage" mappings to WikiEngine for Logout,
CreateGroup, CreateProfile, EditProfile, and Prefences.
These map to Logout.jsp, NewGroup.jsp, Register.jsp
and UserPreferences.jsp (x2).
* Login.jsp, NewGroup.jsp, Register.jsp and
UserPreferences.jsp all now use ViewTemplate
as the master template. This removes the need for
AdminTemplate.jsp, which was a kludge anyway.
That means one less template to maintain, and to hack.
* Favorites.jsp receives the G'day treatment.
* Cookie identities (cookie assertions) are now
set to the value of the user's full name during
custom auth login, and when user preferences
are initially set (Register.jsp) and after
user registration (UserPreferences.jsp).
Previously, we used the WikiName. However, the
full name is what's returned first by WikiSession's
getUserPrincipal() method, so we are now consistent
with that. This should partly resolve the issue JohnV
reported about user names "jumping around" between
wiki names, full names and login names. (But there
is still one more bug out there...)
* Fixed compilation errors in Rename.jsp, and added
back code to hide rename fields on InfoContent.jsp
for users who aren't entitled to see them. This
had regressed a few revisions ago...
2005-11-03 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.40
* Fixed a subtle bug with HttpUtil that was
causing BaseURLs to always print as the name
of the host as known to the web container,
which in default Tomcat deployments (99%)
is called "localhost". Rather than rely on
the fact that the user's HttpServletRequest
will *actually* return an accurate host name,
we do a quick, one-time host name resolution
lookup just to make sure.
* Added WikiContext-to-*Content template mappings
for the login and "create group" contexts. Added
wiki contexts for both.
* Corrected potetial bug with WikiSession's
getStatus() method. It now delegates to isAnonymous(),
as it should.
* WikiContext's getURL() method now defaults to
HttpUtil's method of building the base URL from user
session request information, rather than from
jspwiki.baseURL. We do this so that JSPWiki will
work nicely with HTTPS sessions. This method is
transparent to downstream JSP tags like EditLink;
they get HTTP compatibility "for free". If the
associated HTTPServletRequest is null, we default
to the old method of looking up getBaseURL() from
* NewGroup.jsp and Login.jsp now put their content
pages inside of AdminTemplate, which means they are
wrapped with standard headers and footers. Note that
LoginForm may be look a bit ugly until we get a few
kinks worked out.
2005-11-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.39
* Default RSS version is now 2.0
* Cleaned some ambiguities in the CSS file
* Moved the app and company logos into a separate div of their
own to make layout easier.
* Enabled personal favourites in the Favorites.jsp
* General cleanup and poking around in the CSS
2005-11-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.38
* Added missing search-replace Javascript code
* Added missing AttachmentTab.jsp to default template.
* NB: While most of the code comes from BrushedTemplate, I'm
cleaning it up a bit - it's not XHTML compliant, for example.
2005-10-31 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.37
* Bug fix: RSS feeds no longer generate &amp;quot; whenever there
is a quote (") in the stream.
* Rearranged some code relating to search and reference managing;
hopefully squashing some hard-to-find bugs.
* Bug fix: safeGetParameter() is now deprecated, as createContext()
now does the proper request.setCharacterEncoding() as per Servlet
API 2.3. Fixes BugClobberedUTF8InWikiBody. Thanks to Chris Wilson
and msb0b!
* Mass commit of new default template code, based on the
BrushedTemplate from Dirk Frederix. Note that this thing is
probably pretty broken, so please be careful.
2005-10-25 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.36
* Cosmetic fix: cookie-asserted identities containing spaces were
passing enclosing double-quotes on to the LoginModule, which had
the effect of "scare-quoting" the user's name. The offending
quotes are now snipped if detected, in HttpUtil.
* Added a bang (!) to a particular line in XMLUserDatabase
that was causing a spurious error message.
(Credit: John Volkar)
* Changed JDBC init tests so that they use column and table
mappings from tests/etc/, not This was confusing the JDBCUserDatabaseTest
class big-time, when custom mappings were used. Also,
added JDBC test properties to the various test/etc templates.
* Added an optional property 'jspwiki.userdatabase.hashPrefix'
that tells JDBCUserDatabase whether or not to prepend
its hash algorithm to the password hash (e.g., {SHA}).
This should increase compatibility with certain
third-party applications that might wish to share the
user database, such as Tomcat.
* Fixed a NPE in JDBCUserDatabase that was triggered by
a user editing a profile, but electing not to change the
password. It now exhibits correct behavoir: no password
means "use the old one", just like with XMLUserDatabase.
* Added 'drop user' to the Postgres and Mckoi database
scripts; it was causing an error in some cases.
2005-10-22 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.35
* Fixed issue in that prevented users checking the
'remember me' box Comment.jsp from seeing their identity
assertion reflected in the WikiSession. This feature
now works as it should. Reworked a WikiSession method,
and added a WikiSessionTest unit test. WikiSession now
senses when the 'asserted' user cookie in the user's
session appears, changes, or disappears.
* Clarified the logic in WikiSession.isAnonymous() for
determining when a user is considered "anonymous". This
will be the case when any of these conditions are true,
as evaluted in this order:
- The session's Principal set contains Role.ANONYMOUS
- The session's Principal set contains WikiPrincipal.GUEST
- The Principal returned by WikiSession.getUserPrincipal()
evaluates to an IP address
WikiSession includes a new, fast method for determining
whether a string represents an IP address. The previous
technique was totally b0rked. These are the sorts of things
one discovers when writing unit tests...
* Fixed minor issue with AbstractUserDatabase that
inadvertently introduced a bug into the way users
are found (or not). This was causing AuthorizationManager's
resolvePrincipal() method to fail in certain cases.
2005-10-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.34
* Did a general sweep of a bunch of classes to make
sure they use TextUtil.getStringProperty() instead of
Properties.getProperty(). Also fixed
to get rid of all space-related issues in
* No longer generates empty <b/> -elements for markup "____".
The parser is now smart enough to check if a markup would
result in something that would not be recommended in XHTML 1.0.
Fixes BugEmptyMarkupDoesntWorkForBoldAndItalic.
* RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds no longer double-encode ampersands.
Oops. :)
* PageModified.jsp now properly escape XHTML markup.
* JSPWiki Auth tests are run now only if "jspwiki.tests.auth"
system property is set. This helps everyone that is using
* Bug fix: exclamation marks are no longer doubled.
2005-10-19 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.33
* Initial JDBC support for storing user profiles has
landed. See the build.xml file for details on
configuring unit testing with JDBC. See also the
Javadoc for com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.user.JDBCUserDatabase.
* Changed VariableManager and BaseURLTag to use a new
makeBaseURL method in HTTPUtil so that HTTPS-related
URLs are generated correctly. This partially supercedes
the WikiEngine.getBaseURL method, but the changes are
completely transparent to the <wiki:BaseURL>
and <wiki:Variable> tags. So you shouldn't notice any
differences unless using HTTPS.
* Several small Javadoc fixes.
2005-10-17 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.32
* Changed the way TableOfContents is created - it
no longer creates a nested list. Thanks to Gregory
Pentz and Gregor Hagedorn.
2005-10-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.31
* Bug fix: JSPWikiMarkupParser was not calling
link text mutators at all, so ReferringPagesPlugin
(among others) were ignoring maxlength.
* Bug fix: WikiRenderer did not set context properly,
which killed TableOfContents plugin.
* Improved RSS generation for blogs: now it's also
possible to set the channel title, description, language
and author by using the SET directive.
* 2.3.30
* Removed dependencies of TranslatorReader from a number
of classes.
* Added new "VersioningProvider" interface to fix a
serious problem with page info listings. Based on an
idea by Kees Kuip. A Provider can now declare it
supports VersioningProvider if it wants to be able
to support pageExists( name, version). Yes, it's
a kludge, but it does speed up things considerably
until we refactor the entire provider interface.
2005-10-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.29
* Security fix: it was possible to inject javascript
using CSS. Reported by Martijn Brinkers.
* Bug fix: In certain cases, }}} would loop forever.
* CachingProvider should now be a bit smarter about
refreshing metadata.
* Added patch from Kees Kuip to cache the file properties
in VersioningFileProvider, providing faster performance.
* Rearranged quite a lot of code in URL providers to fix
a bunch of problems. Unfortunately, it also means that
URLs are no longer relative at all; they're always absolute,
but they don't always include the host name (depending
on the setting with jspwiki.referenceStyle).
2005-10-09 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.28
* For once, no public auth API changes!
* CMA and custom authentication JSPs re-factored
so that they use the same "special page" for
logins: Login.jsp. This makes for much cleaner
JSP code; for example, LeftMenu.jsp no longer needs
conditional logic for Login.jsp v. LoginRedirect.jsp.
* The web.xml file's constrained resources for CMA
expanded to include NewGroup.jsp, Upload.jsp
and Login.jsp. Constraint for LoginRedirect.jsp
removed (the page no longer exists). The login
form for CMA now uses the same as for custom
auth (LoginForm.jsp).
* WebContainerAuthorizer now tests for Login.jsp
constraints rather than LoginRedirect.jsp
when determining whether CMA is used.
WebContainerAuthorizerTest changed accordingly.
* Security fix: Authorization algorithm fixed to prevent
privilege escalation with asserted Principals when
wiki page contains ACL. Authorization now checks to
make sure the security allows the requested permission
/in addition to/ matching the user's principals
with those in the ACL. This meant we needed to
add PagePermission "*:Group*", "edit" entries
to the Authenticated policy block.
* Bug fix: AuthenticationManager no longer flushes
Principals during custom logins. This was hosing
user sessions if the user failed to log in.
* Bug fix: AuthorizationManagerTest's testGetRoles()
method no longer b0rks.
* Bug fix: default/LoginContent.jsp whitespace goof.
* Bug fix: both custom and container successful
logins set the user cookie, like they should.
(Credit: John Volkar)
* Bug fix: group creation page (NewGroup.jsp)
checks for previous existence of group before
saving, and gives user chance to change the
name if it does.
* Bug fix: NewGroup.jsp no longer triggers the
'direct access to login form' error when
CMA is used. This is due to the refactoring
mentioned above.
2005-10-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.27
* Bug fix: RenderingManager would cache old versions on
top of new ones.
* Bug fix: CheckVersionTag would cause unnecessary page
rendering. Reported by Kees Kuip.
* Switched most of the code to use the new RenderingManager
to find problems with the code.
2005-10-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.26
* Restored the the Ant "guitests" target, who had gone MIA
* Added (and modified a bit) a patch from Kees Kuip which
allows plugin writers to just specify properties in the plugin
archive itself.
* Added TemplateManager.listSkins(), which lists any and all
skins from templates/<yourtemplate>/skins/
2005-09-28 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.25
* Added ReferredPagesPlugin from Dirk Fredericx.
2005-09-27 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.24
* IncludeTag now prints an error to the screen instead of
a NPE when the template file in question does not exist.
* CheckRequestContextTag now supports an extended parameter
list: <wiki:CheckRequestContext context='view|info|edit'>
evaluates its body, if the current context matches ANY of
the contexts. It also supports negation with !, i.e.
<wiki:CheckRequestContext context='!view'> evaluates the
body in every context but "view".
* JSPWikiMarkupParser is now a lot more XHTML compliant,
thanks to Gregor Hagedorn.
* RSS Generator Thread now has a proper name.
* Moved TranslatorReader.Heading to com.ecyrd.jspwiki.parser.
This should not really cause any compatibility issues.
* Moved HeadingListener to com.ecyrd.jspwiki.parser
* Added two new methods from John Volkar to ReferenceManager.
2005-09-26 Erik Bunn <>
* Added CookieTag. See the class for documentation.
Intended for custom JSPWiki installations, mostly useful for
doing conditional logic based on e.g. a custom preferences cookie.
2005-09-24 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.23
* WikiContext, WikiSession and the auth.login.* login
modules gain significantly enhanced debugging code.
Changing Log4J settings in
to DEBUG will dump a large amount of information
about user session IDs and Principal creation
* In the continued spirit of clowing-back little-used methods
that clutter the API, WikiContext's setHttpRequest() method
goes the way of the dodo bird. It was used by WikiEngine,
and only in one place, and it was redundant to boot.
2005-09-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.22
* Added patch from John Volkar to:
* Puts a catch block in DifferenceManager in case
an underlying provider throws.
* Adds some unit tests
* Handles whitespace "better" (see the tests), words and
whitespace are both elements that get diffed. Whitespace
edits show up in the diff output. (This is an interesting point of
debate, after bruising battles whitespace in wiki-text is
significant and deserves to be diffed. Consider two lines '* foo'
and ' * foo')
* Adds a optional property
'jspwiki.contextualDiffProvider.unchangedContextLimit" that
is the number of *elements* to be emitted before and after
each change. (element=word or space or newline, so if you
want ~50 'words' of leading context set the limit to 100)
This defaults to a huge number, so it essentially doesn't
serve as much of a limit (Preserves a 1 word change in 10
pages by default returns the whole 10 pages.)
2005-09-17 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.21
* Added a simple web test plan to docs.
* WikiPermission gains support for wiki namespaces.
This introduces what I hope is the "final" tweak
required to jspwiki.policy. The WikiPermission syntax
...WikiPermission "*", "registerUser";
replaces the previous format. The wiki name may contain
wildcards. This change was made to support wiki farms.
See the WikiPermission Javadoc for more details.
* PagePermission constructor WikiPage(String,WikiPage,String)
eliminated in favor of WikiPage(WikiPage,String) because
wiki name is now carried inside WikiPage. This means
we don't need to pass the wiki name into the constructor,
which is nice and simple. This change was propagated
to 8 other classes and about a half-dozen top-level JSPs.
* Fixed return values in various WikiContext/WikiSession
get*Principal methods so that they return
WikiSession.GUEST if not otherwise set. This removes
neeed to check for nulls in calling code.
(Credit: John Volkar)
* Assitional WikiSession/WikiContext cleanup:
Fixed bug preventing initial HttpRequest 'login'.
Removed public WikiSession.isUnknown(); was only used
by one caller. Also, reduced visibility of
WikiSession.isContainerStatusChanged() to protected.
Bug fix: added Role.ALL to guestSession().
* Rename.jsp now checks for the rename permission
before actually undertaking the action.
InfoContent.jsp now checks for the same permission
also when rendering the info page UI for renaming.
* Bugfix for NPE in PagePermission.
* Much cleanup of web.xml, and tweaked the Ant script
to use this during tests (reduces maintenance).
* build.xml slightly refactored to better account
for using signed JARs during test runs.
Certain static files (web.xml/policy/jaas/jks)
in tests/etc eliminated in favor of dynamic files
copied from etc at test-time. This means we only
have to maintain one version of each file, instead of two.
* WebContainerAuthorizer includes an improved heuristic
for detecting CMA. Instead of looking for specific
role names contrained to Register.jsp, Delete.jsp
and UserPreferences.jsp, we just look for ANY role.
This means you can use your container's preferred
role names, instead forcing you to use "Admin"
and "Authenticated".
* DefaultGroupManager.getRoles() returns an array of
Group[] (downcasted to Principal[] by interface.
This should make 'instanceof' checks easier.
(Credit: John Volkar)
* Bugfix for Register.jsp so that authenticated users
who already have profiles are always redirected to
EditPreferences. This wasn't a security risk
but it was non-intuitive.
* Replaced that old Wiki.jsp favorite, the "looped config"
message, with something more appropriate to 2.3.
* Weblog plugin now accepts additional parameter for
customizing the date format. It also tries to extract
the "headline" of the blog and puts it at the top of the
entry section.
* Tweaks to Ant script to better encapsulate Jar-signing
operations. Also, test-prep activities more automated.
2005-09-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.20
* Both default ShortURLConstructors now check if the NONE
-context already has some parameters. Requested by
Erik Bunn.
* PageLock is now serializable. This should reduce some
warnings on some containers.
* Forms are now XHTML conformant instead of HTML 4.01.
2005-09-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.19.
* Fixed the rest of the new renderer tests, and turned
the new renderer on by default. You can now turn it off
with "jspwiki.newRenderingEngine=false" in your property
* FormInput now also accepts XHTML-like "checked=checked".
Suggested by Murray Altheim.
* Added patch from Erik Bunn to allow clean compilation
on JDK 5.0.
* Included patch from JohnV to add time and date format
parameters to RecentChangesPlugin.
* Incorporated even more patches from Patrik to fix
some problems with tests targets and diff noise. Thanks
a heap!
* Added patch from Patrik Woodworth to fix tests
compilation failing due to jar file signing.
2005-09-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.18
* Two patches from Patrick Woodworth to fix broken URL
in jspwiki.tld and compilation directives. This removes
the jar-optimized target and makes it an option for
* Fixed problem with ReferenceManager: unmodifiable
maps were not updated at unserialization time. Reported
by JohnV.
* Removing misc debug code from auth.
* Moved to StopWatch() instead of System.currentTimeMillis()
in all places ;-)
2005-09-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.17
* Massive import of patches from 2.2.33.
* Added two new methods in ReferenceManager to facilitate
* Added patch from Joerg Luedecker to fix a problem
with pages deleted not affecting RefMgr.
* Added a small note to the ShortURLConstructor: do NOT
use without baseURL.
* Fixes BugAttachFilesEvenIfPageDoesNotExist. It is
no longer possible to upload a file if the page does
not exist.
* Install.jsp was Tomcat-specific. Fixes
BugInstall.jspDoesNotCompileOnWebLogic8.1. Reported by
* Fixed BugAttachmentWithHashCannotBeViewed by replacing
now all illegal character values during upload.
* Undid change for
BugShortViewURLConstructorAndShortURLConstructorProblems -
it apparently broke quite a lot of stuff.
* Changed to OSCache 2.2.1 to protect against a pretty
nasty memory leak.
* Added generic null protection to CachingProvider, and
also protected against spurious input in RCSFileProvider
as a stopgap measure to some probable scaling issues.
* It was possible to get the authentication master password
by inserting simply it on a page as a variable. Oops.
The master password is now saved under a different name
(jspwiki-s.auth.masterPassword), which may break existing
installations. Also added a check in the VariableManager
to prevent reporting of that variable.
Reported by Trevor Yann.
* Bug fix: Attachments might get looping forever, if the page did
not exist. Fixes
* Bug fix: You can now set the 'checked' attribute of checkboxes
in WikiForms with the parameter 'checked=true'. Reported by JohnV.
* Bug fix: BugWrongRecognitionOfWikiWords. A CamelCase
WikiWord would not be escaped correctly, if the word would
have two capital letters.
* Bug fix: BugShortViewURLConstructorAndShortURLConstructorProblems
ShortViewURLConstructor did not have a default prefix.
Reported by Olaf Kock.
* Added patch from Patrick Woodworth to fix a FIXME in javadoc
2005-08-20 Andrew Jaquith <>
* v2.3.16
* This release introduces a number of changes to the AAA
(package auth.*) APIs. If you have created custom top-level
templates, they will break. However, the changes are not
major. Regular template JSPs like *Content.jsp should
work without requiring changes.
* jspwiki.policy has changed. The PagePermission syntax
....PagePermission "mywiki:Group*", "edit";
replaces the previous format, and adds support for wiki
name spaces. Either the wiki name or the page name
may contain wildcards. This change was made to support wiki
farms. See the PagePermission Javadoc for more details.
You should update your policy files accordingly, since
the change will "probably" break your existing policies.
* AuthenticationManager supports named admin user in jspwiki.admin.user
* AuthenticationManager public methods have changed:
a. public boolean login(HttpServletRequest)
replaces boolean loginContainer(WikiContext)
b. public boolean login(WikiSession, String, String)
replaces boolean loginCustom( String, String, HttpServletRequest)
* AuthorizationManager public methods have changed:
a. checkPermission(WikiSession, Permission)
replaces checkPermission(WikiContext, Permission)
b. isUserInRole(WikiSession, Principal)
replaces isUserInRole(WikiContext, Subject, Principal)
c. new getRoles() method returns Principal[]; delegates
to GroupManager and Authorizer and returns union
d. public method getAuthorizer() changed to protected access
* Authorizer public methods have changed:
a. isUserInRole(WikiSession, Principal)
replaces isUserInRole(WikiContext, Subject, Principal)
b. new getRoles() method returns Principal[]
These changes were propagated to WebContainerAuthorizer,
GroupManager and DefaultGroupManager.
* GroupManager public methods have changed:
a. Enumeration members() removed.
* WikiPrincipal adds static inner Comparator class
for sorting arrays of Principals.
* WikiContext public methods have changed:
a. void setHttpRequest(HttpServletRequest) changed to protected access
b. void setWikiSession(WikiSession) removed.
* WikiSession was refactored to allow independence from WikiContext.
Public GUEST_SESSION static instance eliminated in favor
of public static factory method guestSesssion().
* UserManager get/setUserProfile(WikiSession...) replaces same
methods with WikiContext parameter.
* PagePermission now includes a wiki namespace. Syntax
is wiki:pagename. Wildcards are allowed as prefixes or
suffixes for either part.
* WikiPermission now accepts a "login" target
* LeftMenu slightly tweaked
* PreferencesContent.jsp for default template now displays
roles and groups user possesses.
* <wiki:UserProfile property="roles"> will print the user's
current set of group and role memberships, nicely sorted.
Pretty nifty.
* Many, many unit test changes.
2005-08-20 Andrew Jaquith <>
* Minor changes to TestAuthorizer, AuthorizationManagerTest
and build.xml to correct test failures in AuthorizationManagerTest.
This also fixes XMLRPC test failures. No version bump.
2005-08-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.15
* The "Wow, instead of sleep you can code and chat on
IRC thanks to WiFi on airplanes" -release.
* Added patch from Mark Rawlings to get rid of Javascript
errors in cssinclude.js
* Added support for generating Atom 1.0 feeds. There
is still a bit of a problem in generating proper Atom
ID's, as our metadata storage does not work too well.
2005-08-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.14
* Fixed plugin and variable evaluation policy: because
using clone() on the entire DOM tree is very expensive,
what we do is that we store new, specific elements
PluginContent and VariableContent into the DOM tree,
which at evaluation time produce the actual content.
* v2.3.13
* RenderingManager cache did not work correctly, because
it was relying in WikiContext.getPage() to get the page
under which things should be cached. Of course, if the
wiki template includes any other page using IncludePageTag,
the context is always the same, and therefore the cache
is never valid. Fixed this by adding a new getRealPage()
in WikiContext, which should always point at the real page
which is being rendered.
* Added some simple profiling/stopwatch code to rendering.
You can now see the speed results by setting the WikiEngine
log level to DEBUG.
* Fixed CamelCase parsing. There are still a few
inconsistencies between old TranslatorReader and the new
2005-08-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.3.12
* Even more tweaks. It is now possible to test the new
rendering engine by setting "jspwiki.newRenderingEngine" to true
in your (this will be gone in near future;
it really is for testing only). Note, however, that CamelCase
does not currently work.
* Some more tweaks of the new renderer. isExternalLink()
is now about 3x faster than it was before (it was the biggest
bottleneck so far). Still not usable (lists don't work).
* Change test property files to use BasicSearchProvider
(Lucene startup was taking too much time), and TestAuthorizer
(WebContainerAuthorizer takes about a second to start each
2005-08-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Did a mass commit of the new rendering engine. It is
not enabled yet, but I wanted to save the code to a very
safe place :-). Please look at the code in the new parser
and render -packages. There is still time to change the
API... (No version bump; there is no changes in JSPWiki
functionality with this).
2005-08-12 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.11
* Changed WebContainerAuthorizer to auto-detect whether
web container authorization is used; it does this by looking
for certain constraints in web.xml. The effect of this change
is to make the out-of-the box configuration default to
custom authentication. Also, changing to container auth
is now very easy -- just uncomment the constraints and
JSPWiki will know what to do without needing to fiddle
with Added a unit test and
tests/WEB-INF/web.xml sample file also.
* Added new "super-template" for administrative pages:
AdminTemplate.jsp. This is a peer of ViewTemplate and
EditTemplate, and is used by the registration and
user preferences pages.
* Loosened the default security policy to permit edits
by anonymous uses. This is good for getting up and
running, but a bad idea for Internet-facing wikis.
The adminstrator is suitably forewarned in the policy file.
* Added an initialize() method to the Authorizer interface.
We probably needed one anyway, and the tweaks to
WebContainerAuthorizer forced the issue.
* Minor tweak to LeftMenu to replace the geeky
"you are authenticated/asserted" messages with something
more friendly.
2005-08-11 Erik Bunn <>
* Added WikiPage.getAttributes().
This will be useful for external code that wants to
display page attributes; for example, a hypothetical "MetaData.jsp"
that would allow editing of page attributes without content-inlined
[{SET...}] tags.
2005-08-07 Andrew Jaquith <>
* 2.3.10
* Major fixes to the authentication and authorization codebase.
Most outstanding issues with the prior commits have been resolved;
it should be ready for prime time.
* JSPWiki now installs a default Java 2 security policy and JAAS
login configuration, which allows JSPWiki AAA to work "out of the box"
without additional customization. Admnistrators can override these
defaults using the standard policy/JAAS system properties if desired.
* UserPreferences.jsp has been significantly tweaked. It also includes
support for standard <template>/PreferencesContent.jsp template pages.
* Registration.jsp is a new JSP for registering new users. Includes
support for standard <template>/RegisterContent.jsp template pages.
* NewGroup.jsp is a new JSP for creating wiki groups. By default,
the group is pre-populated with the current user's wiki name.
In addition, by default group members are allowed to edit
its membership. Includes support for standard
<template>/GroupContent.jsp template pages.
* UserProfile class now includes timestamps for creation and
modification times. XMLUserDatabase time-stamps profiles
when they are created and saved.
* UserManager changed significantly to support improvements
to the AAA code.
* JSP tag <wiki:UserProfile> now includes additional properties
for modified/created times and new properties "exists" and "new"
which evaluate the tag body if the user has already been
registered (or not).
* JSP tag <wiki:UserCheck> includes additional properties to return
vallues that allow certain aspects of the AAA configuration
to be queried.
* AAA code now tested using container authentication/authorization
in addition to JSPWiki's custom auth. Note that the registration
and user preference pages work slightly differently in each case.
2005-07-26 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.9
* A bunch of miscallaneous fixes to WebDAV to get paths
to function correctly.
2005-07-26 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.8
* Merged in fixes from 2.2.29.
* Bug fix: Attachments might get looping forever, if the page did
not exist. Fixes
* Bug fix: You can now set the 'checked' attribute of checkboxes
in WikiForms with the parameter 'checked=true'. Reported by JohnV.
* Bug fix: BugWrongRecognitionOfWikiWords. A CamelCase
WikiWord would not be escaped correctly, if the word would
have two capital letters.
* Bug fix: BugShortViewURLConstructorAndShortURLConstructorProblems
ShortViewURLConstructor did not have a default prefix.
Reported by Olaf Kock.
* Enabled also the attach URL for WebDAV. You can now
browse the full range of attachments at <yoururl>/attach/
using a DAV client.
2005-07-21 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.7
* DAV service now offers again the HTML rendered versions of
pages under /dav/html/
* DAV service now has a two-level structure: pages starting with
"a" are in a subdirectory called "a", etc.
* Some minor auth refactoring.
2005-07-17 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.6
* Added a bunch of refactorings (including new UserManager class)
* AuthenticationManager now attempts to find the jspwiki.jaas
and jspwiki.policy files on its own, if the user does not
specify them. JAAS and Java 1.4 suck in this regard - it
requires all sorts of trickery with the config files and
startup scripts to use built-in authentication. It makes
life very difficult for anyone who deploys the app, as they
must have detailed command-line knowledge. Not to mention the
fact that it makes life hard for the developer as well, as they
provide no way to do this programmatically...
2005-07-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.5
* Refactored about 300 minor warnings (unused code,
assignment errors, etc)
* Consolidated routines from FileUtil14.class to
FileUtil.class - JSPWiki now requires 1.4, so we can just
remove any specifics.
2005-07-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.4
* Bug fix: Doing two empty searches in a row would cause the
search_highlight.js to loop and kill the browser.
Reported by HolgerHoffst?tte.
* Bug fix: Empty or non-Lucene compliant searches would throw
a NullPointerException. Reported by HolgerHoffst?tte.
Fixes BugSearchAlwaysThrowsNPE.
* Bug fix: It was impossible to use the InsertPage plugin to
insert the same page twice on a page. Reported by Murray
Altheim (I think - this was not entered in the bug reporting
* Upgraded to Lucene 1.4.3.
* Removed "sign" from build targets to allow decent builds
for now.
* Both short url providers now heed the url prefix always...
2005-06-30 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.3
* Mass merge of JSPWIKI_ARJ_BRANCH
* Added Andrew Jaquith's authentication code, replacing the
old system completely. This is likely to break everything.
The merge was not as smooth as I would've liked, so THIS
2005-06-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.2
* Merged in JSPWIKI_2_2_BRANCH
* RSS 2.0 and enclosures support to rss.jsp.
* Removed dead code.
2005-06-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.1
* Refactoring of FilterManager: now uses XPath and JDOM to parse
XML files...
* Tiny patch from ajbanck: UserManager no longer complains loudly
if something is not a group.
* Patch from Joerg Luedecker to delete pages from referencemanager
if they're renamed.
2005-06-20 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.3.0.
* Included the page rename patch from a number of people. Thanks
heaps to Chris Lisle, John Volkar, Joerg Luedeker!
* Branched off JSPWiki 2.2 development to its own branch,
this is now the 2.3 development.
2005-06-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.26
* Added partial fix for
BugReadingOfVariableNotWorkingForOlderVersions. This is a deep
* Added patch from Joerg Luedeker to fix
* PageManager didn't correctly return page text if the
page was externally modified (I can't understand how this
could've worked earlier...) This killed an unit test or two.
* Renamed methods in Search API to be a bit more consistent.
Thanks to ajbanck for the suggestion.
* ReferenceManager should now notice deleted pages.
* rss.jsp now returns a 404, if the RSS generation is disabled.
* Bug fix: BugApplicationNameBeGarbledIfThereAreChineseCharactersInIt
Install.jsp is now smart enough to mangle the input so that
it can be put inside an Latin1 properties file. Thanks to
Dengber for the fix.
* Bug fix: BugPageAddedToSearchQueueMultipleTimes. Thanks to
2005-06-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.25
* Bug fix: LuceneSearchProvider misspelled the default
search provider name, causing exceptions at startup...
* Bug fix: Page names are now also added in the Lucene
index in their canonical form, not just beautified form.
Suggested by Michael Smith.
* Bug fix: there were some concurrency issues whenever
iterating through the entire list of pages (causing
ConcurrentModificationExceptions). Fixed by returning
a clone of the array in the CachingProvider.
* v2.2.24
* Added Arent-Jan Banck's patch to support attachment
searching. I also changed the SearchProvider API (it's
not been released in a stable version) slightly - no
need to send the text all the way; let the provider worry
about it.
* BasicSearchProvider now searches attachment names
as well.
* LuceneSearchProvider now indexes attachment names and
certain text-based attachments as well. Currently plain
text, XML, .ini and HTML files are indexed. This will
change to a better system, once someone figures out how
to do proper Lucene Analyzers.
2005-06-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.23
* Quite a lot more WebDAV refactoring; it works now
again. Still having problems with UTF-8 page names...
HTML fetching does not work at the moment either.
2005-06-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.22
* Broke the WebDAV API for now; I'm changing to a new
model to make additions easier.
* Bug fix: SearchManager didn't behave nicely; there was
a circular reference between it and ReferenceManager.
LuceneSearchProvider now does not start indexing until
PageManager is surely up and running. Reported by
2005-06-12 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.21
* Enabled normal Lucene query language if you're using
the LuceneSearchProvider. This, incidentally, also helps
a lot if you're using any other language than English, since
we now use the same Analyzer for queries than for parsing
(which would account to quite a few problems in the past).
Unfortunately, I had to break FastSearch (does anyone use it)?
* Moved searching into package,
thanks to an excellent patch from Arent-Jan Banck.
2005-06-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.20.
* Small bug fix to PluginTag: it should now work on page
2005-06-08 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.19.
* Bug fix: BugPluginTagNotWritingOutput
* Bug fix: BugJspwiki.tldEmptyTag
* Bug fix: BugWikiTranslateTagShouldTrimLeadingSpacesOfFirstSentence
2005-06-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.18.
* Ebu added a bug fix for oldauth (please specify here...)
* Fixed two bugs with Install.jsp:
BugInstall.jspDoesNotHandleWindowsPathsWell by adding a simple
windows path converter (should work also well with UNC paths),
and BugInstall.jspDoesNotProvideDefaultBaseURL by commenting
out the baseURL parameter in
2005-05-18 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.17
* The HTML fragment identifiers generated for each heading
are now XHTML compliant (no more entities). Unfortunately,
this makes them look like crap, but this method should work
for CJK languages (unlike dropping non-USASCII).
* Bug fix: HTML fragment identifiers didn't work on pages
with non-USASCII names.
* 2.2.16
* Major fix to ISO-8859-1 - it didn't work almost at all
if you used anything else but the DefaultURLConstructor -
especially attachments didn't work.
2005-05-18 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.15
* Bug fix: BugReferenceManagerDoesNotFindSingularReferences
should now finally be fixed.
* Fix of a fix of a bug fix: We no longer generate <a name="foo">
tags for headings - instead, we generate an unique "id" for
each heading.
* Added "overflow: auto" to <pre> tags in jspwiki.css...
That makes bug reports far, far more readable.
2005-05-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.1.14
* Somewhere above Pakistan or Afghanistan...
* EditorArea has now an id: "editorarea". It also has now
a class "editorarea", simply because "text" was not really
very descriptive. Thanks to, err, someone, for this -
I seem to have been very eager in deleting my email...
* Bug fix: No more DAV NPEs with certain systems. Patch
thanks to someone - sorry, I forgot...
* Bug fix: no longer throws ConcurrentModificationException
in certain conditions upon startup.
* Bug fix: InsertPage now detects circular references and it
is no longer possible to DoS a wiki by including a page in
* Bug fix: Odd pages of format "/foo" are now catched and no
longer throw horrendous exceptions.
* Fix of a bug fix: The changed heading anchor generation in
2.2.13 caused plenty of grief to a lot of people working with
CSS - instead of an empty tag we now generate an empty tag
pair. <a name="foo"></a> instead of <a name="foo"/>. It seems
that the latter confuses quite a few parsers, even though it's
valid XHTML.
2005-05-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.13
* Bug fix: Empty links no longer generate warnings.
* The non-existing page links are now generated without the
annoying underline as a proper hyperlink. You'll probably
want to copy the link code from jspwiki.css...
* Bug fix: Headings now generate the link anchor at zero
length, so that they should no longer confuse people who
write CSS.
2005-05-05 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.12
* Bug fix: FCK editing now disables plugins and filters
* Bug fix: search hilighting didn't work.
* JSPWiki is now a WebDAV Class-1 server. The support is not
yet complete, nor are we completely Class-1 compliant, but
you can now browse your JSPWiki repository by pointing at your
$baseurl/dav/. Attachment support is forthcoming, as soon
as I figure out what's the best approach. Authoring support
will also be enabled soon.
(To enable this functionality, check out the new web.xml).
2005-05-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.11.
* Incorporated the FCK editor for WYSIWYG editing, as well
as the XHTML import functionality from Sebastian Baltes.
Thanks heaps!
This is an experimental feature: you need to turn it explicitly
on with "jspwiki.editor=FCK" in your,
and also uncomment the <script> tag in EditTemplate.jsp. The
editor is known to fail or behave really strangely on occasion,
and many of the functionalities do not simply work (like
image insertion), so I'm disabling quite a lot of work for now.
Check out scripts/fckconfig.js and scripts/fckstyles.xml for
The WYSIWYG editor will remain an experimental feature for now.
You need to install FCKEditor yourself into scripts/fckeditor.
2005-04-29 Janne Jalkanen <>
* 2.2.10.
* Added patch from Sebastian Baltes to fix issues with style
embedding: %%(color:rgb(1,2,3)) would not work.
2005-04-24 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.9.
* Added missing attribute of PageDate: format to jspwiki.tld.
Oops... This one had been missing for quite some time.
* Changed the default template somewhat.
* UnusedPagesPlugin no longer inlines images.
* v2.2.8
* Added 'class="body"' to default template body, as per
* Added "link" to Comment.jsp; this should be a lot
smarter now about if you want to use comment functionality
for the weblog.
* Hopefully fixed preview issues with IE by rewriting
Preview code (it no longer relies on javascript:back(), but
it POSTs back to Edit.jsp). Fixes
* Added EditorAreaTag.
* Oops, %% would sometimes end in StackEmptyException;
teaches me to read javadocs.
2005-04-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.7
* Fixed many issues with ~-escaping. It should now work with
practically all WikiMarkup; you should be able to escape
anything. Fixes Bug Back Slashes In Http String In A File
Causes File Not To Load, Bug Line Breaks In The Middle Of Text.
* Fixed some issues with %%-style generation: it now looks
at the rest of the line, and if it contains material, it will
emit a <span> instead of a <div>. This should make it
intuitively pretty logical. This should fix quite a many
complaints relating to styles, including
BugLineBreaksWithCSSFormating (partial), BugCSSInTables
2005-04-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.6.
* Added ShortViewURLConstructor and move all
URLConstructors to the url-package. This makes it
possible to have short URLs *and* protect the access
to particular JSPs...
2005-04-21 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.5
* You can now choose which Lucene analyzer to use
with "jspwiki.lucene.analyzer". Choose it according
to the primary language of the wiki.
* Lucene can now recover, if the index was locked
when JSPWiki was shut down.
2005-04-20 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.4.
* Bug fix: TableOfContents plugin now properly calculates
the page variables.
* Bug fix: Deleted pages are no longer shown in the
RecentChanges listings.
* v2.2.3
* Added some sanity checks to the startup concerning
the work directory.
2005-04-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.2.
* CachingProvider does now a bit more sanity checks
with the Lucene directory; this was a source of confusion
for some people. It's also more verbose.
2005-04-18 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.1.
* Bug fix: RSS generation no longer does double encoding.
* Bug fix: CachingProvider would not notice new files.
2005-04-17 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.2.0-beta. Yay! I don't know whether this version is really
ripe, but we just HAVE to get it out at some point.
* Fixed a small off-by-one error in SpamFilter.
2005-04-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.167
* Enhanced SpamFilter to have a local ban list. Also added the
ability to do edit choke monitoring: any host doing too many
edits/minute will get added to ban list.
2005-04-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.166
* Removed header.jsp from default template (it was not used)
* Added "Page feed" section to default template/info.
* FeedDiscoveryTag now shows all page feeds properly.
* Page-specific RSS feeds now work (add &mode=wiki to the rss.jsp
2005-04-11 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.165
* Added classes/ (otherwise OSCache tags won't
* Added the new RSS Generator. Fixes BugRSSFeedWrongDC.
2005-04-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.164
* Fixed NPE in UserPreferences.jsp when auth was not being used.
* Default template now has "noindex,nofollow" on old versions.
This is one way to combat spam.
* Refactoring: Removed all references to Category, replaced with
Logger. Also cleaned away a number of compiler warnings in tests.
* v2.1.163
* Attachment deletion works now as well.
* BreadcrumbsTag.FixedQueue is now static. This should help with
some serialization issues. Reported by many people, forgotten by
* UTF-8 attachment names would fail (again). Thanks to Stephan
2005-04-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.162
* Bug fix: Long values in filter.xml would cause truncation.
Patch from Mario. Fixes BugLargeValuesTruncatedInFilters.xml.
* Bug fix: DefaultURLConstructor would append both & and ? to
parameters, causing confusion. Reported by Jake Vogelaar.
2005-04-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.161
* Refactored TraditionalDiffProvider to be more JSPWiki coding
guidelines compliant.
* Added a functional ContextualDiffProvider (thanks to Henning
* CachingAttachmentProvider now empties the cache in case the
attachment is deleted. Reported by Raghavan Srinivasa.
2005-04-05 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Fixed BugCommentBoxStyle.
* v2.1.160
* Removed the Expires-header from AttachmentServlet for now;
checking if that helps with BugStaleAttachments.
2005-04-04 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.159
* Added some patches to tests to make sure they all run on systems
that don't use Latin1 as default... Contributed by Henning
* TextUtil.urlEncode() & urlDecode() no longer assume that the
platform default encoding is Latin1. Contributed by Henning
* Removed dependancy on the bmsi difference package, as it was GPL
(oops). I don't know how I missed that, but the dependency is
gone now. Replaced with the Jakarta JRCS-diff package. Suggested
and contributed by Henning Schmiedehausen.
* Removed DifferenceEngine and moved the entire diff code into its
own package. Contributed by John Volkar.
2005-04-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.158
* Deletion of entire pages works now. Make sure your Delete.jsp
is protected!
* Added password protection to Install.jsp
2005-04-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.157
* Added patch from Henning P. Schmiedehausen to fix some issues
with the CachingProvider negCache.
2005-03-31 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Removed some extra imports. Getting back to speed in
2005-03-11 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Added favicon and the corresponding thingy to commonheader.jsp.
I got tired of seeing 404s from all stupid browsers...
2005-03-09 Erik Bunn <>
* Added empty array check to FileUtil14.getThrowingMethod()
2005-03-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.156
* Disabled all auth tests. In fact, for the first time, all tests
now run (on my platform, there are still some char coding issues
on some others. Stupid me.)
* Added page deletion support to WikiEngine.
* Major refactoring of both CachingProvider (=speed!) and
VersioningFileProvider(=now actually supports deleting versions of
a page).
2005-03-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Fixed issues with a number of tests.
* Added the "Search" plugin.
* Some bug fixes and sanity checks to ReferenceManager.
* Turned off old auth code by default. Set the property
"jspwiki.auth.useOldAuth" to "true" in your if
you want to keep using it.
2005-03-04 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.155
* Continued reworking of CachingProvider to provide an
optimized result. There are plenty of nasty dependencies
there... However, I did get most tests to run.
2005-03-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.154
* Fixed a bunch of tests that were broken by 2.1.152.
* RepositoryModifiedException now has a new constructor
with the page name as well.
* MAJOR change to CachingProvider: it was getting a bit too
unwieldy to debug, so I changed it to completely use OSCache.
This should hopefully help the caching issues somewhat (I just
hope I didn't do any major damage...)
* WikiPage is now Comparable.
2005-03-01 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.153
* Added Install.jsp for a simple installation.
2005-02-26 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.152
* AbstractReferralPlugin now also supports parameters like
"before" and "after", so you can have much better control over
what you do. Thanks to Foster Schucker for the patch.
* Fixed plenty of failing tests (including the annoying "Cannot
start managers: null). I think I kinda like Eclipse, now that I'm
getting used to it.
* Bug fix: When using ISO-8859-1, attachment URLs would still
contain the "%2F". JSPWiki should now work nicely when a page
name contains a slash. Fixes BugURLEncoderEncodesAlsoForImages.
* Bug fix: CachingProvider would lose metadata on save. Reported
by Andrew Jaquith.
2005-02-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.151
* ShortURLConstructor now works in all cases except special pages.
* v2.1.150
* RSSGenerator now has a bit more verbose RSS generation for
* Worked a bit more on ShortURLConstructor. Now the different
other URLs work, but there are issues when generating relative
2005-02-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.149
* New Editortag and corresponding JSP pages now fix
* EditorTag now is much smarter than before: you can do things
like put your own editing commands inside the body - the EditorTag
just adds all the required pieces.
2005-02-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.148
* Oops, didn't quite fix the problems; the extra <script> tag
turned out to be useful after all... Fixes
2005-02-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.147
* Fixed problem with an extra <script> tag inside cssinclude.js
* Removed several unused imports (testing out Eclipse, now that it
seems that it has proper emacs-like indenting - now I just need a
2005-01-31 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.146.
* Added ShortURLConstructor, though it does not work... Except
for VIEW.
* Added BaseURL tag (just to make things a bit easier for template
2005-01-28 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.145.
* createContext() now prevents non-wikinames to be created. This
may fix a bunch of potential problems.
* FilterManager.addPageFilter() now does a bit of a sanity check.
2005-01-26 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.144.
* Oops, LinkToTag used accidentally ATTACH instead of VIEW...
2005-01-25 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.143.
* PingWeblogsComFilter now actually accepts a parameter where to
* All tags and code were moved to the new standard.
* Had a major revelation and moved the URL generation subroutines
from WikiEngine to WikiContext. This had to be done or else there
would be no way to change how the URLs are generated in different
contexts, such as RSS generation or XML-RPC. This also means
WikiEngine.getViewURL() is now deprecated (please use
WikiContext.getViewURL(), WikiContext.getURL()) instead.
* Added 304 check to atom.jsp as well.
2005-01-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.142.
* Added 304 check to rss.jsp
* Implemented IdeaGetWikiInstanceByServletContext by (I lost the
email, sorry)
* v2.1.141.
* You may now set the URLConstructor instance by using
jspwiki.urlConstructor parameter.
* rss.jsp had a typo and would not compile, oops...
* Almost all hard-coded references to URLs are now handled by an
URLGenerator instance.
* All instances of ServletRequest.getRemoteHost() were replaced
with getRemoteAddr() - this means that you no longer get the host
names in the logs. On the other hand, this should be a lot faster
if your dns is slow.
* Bug fix: Context variables were essentially ignored in
2005-01-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.140.
* JSPwiki now supports the Google initiative wiki/blog spam
reduction by using rel="nofollow" for any links outside the wiki.
Set "jspwiki.translatorReader.useRelNofollow" to "true" to enable
* TranslatorReader now completely uses the new URL generation
* RSS generation now uses absolute URLs regardless of the setting
of jspwiki.referenceStyle. It also uses the new URL generation
* InsertPage plugin now has a "default" attribute.
2005-01-18 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.139.
* Oops: forgot to set the servlet-mapping to conform to the new
URI scheme: the URL pattern should be "/attach/*", not
* v2.1.138.
* Fixed BugErrorInDefaultJspwiki.css (reported by Per).
* Added patch to RCSFileProvider and FileUtil to close down a
bunch of processes that should fix
BugTooManyFilesOpenWhenUsingRCS. Contributed by Claas Ruschmeyer.
* Added new parameter: jspwiki.referenceStyle. This may be set to
"absolute" or "relative", depending on whether you want to have
absolute or relative URLs. It does not yet work on every link
construct, but it will... This change also introduced a new
interface, URLConstructor, which will be pluginizable later on.
Hopefully it is versatile enough, but so far, please consider it
internal. This change may have broken a lot of things, but it
does pave way for short urls.
2005-01-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* TableOfContents -plugin now has a title as well...
2005-01-11 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.137
* Added parameters "submit", "preview" and "cancel" to EditorTag
(so you can localize it).
2005-01-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Added styles for the TableOfContents plugin in the default
* Added a "center" style in the default jspwiki.css (which is
smart enough to center tables as well on most browsers).
* v2.1.136
* InfoContent.jsp no longer uses scriptlets to determine previous
and next versions; instead, two new tags "PreviousVersionTag" and
"NextVersionTag" have been implemented. This will make migration
a lot easier when you can delete intermediate versions (or help a
lot if you want to do a SubVersionProvider...) The tags need to
be hooked up to the version history before they're useful,
* DiffLinkTag now understands a magical version number "current"
to refer to the current version.
* Bug fix: BugIncludeTagUsesDefaultTagOnly should now be fixed
with a fix to the ContentTag.
* CheckVersionTag now supports two additional modes: "notfirst",
and "first".
* CachingProvider cache consistency checks are now in seconds, not
milliseconds (which was a stupid idea anyway).
2005-01-08 Janne Jalkanen <>
* BugReportHandler ignores now _body (oops) :)
* v2.1.135
* Should fix the spurious problem people had trying to attach
files with non-ascii names to pages that also had non-ascii names,
* AttachmentServlet now responds with error codes.
* Attachment urls are now in the form /attach/foo/bar.txt. This
has several advantages, mostly because all files now look like
they were served natively. Note that the web.xml file has changed
to reflect this. Of course, the old urls still work.
* Nested lists now generate proper XHTML code. This removes all
known XHTML bugs (but I'm sure there are still some). The default
TextFormattingRules page now validates.
2005-01-07 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.134
* Removed LoginBox from the default template in anticipation of
the Great Reorg.
* TableOfContents plugin no longer gets confused if a heading
contains HTML escapable characters, such as quotes, <-signs or
* Added new parameter to TableOfContents: "title".
* Added ContentTag for *really* simple templating. Also modified
WikiTemplates tutorial and the default template.
2005-01-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.133
* Added a fix for BugNamedAnchors - the section anchors are now
properly handled, if they contain non-USASCII characters.
2005-01-05 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.132.
* Now transmits the _body parameter from FormOutput plugin to the
actual plugin taking care of the form submission. Suggested by
John Volkar.
2005-01-04 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.131.
* Added more intelligence so that <p> tags do not enclose divs,
hrs, and pres. This makes many more pages validate as XHTML.
Unfortunately, nested lists still fail XHTML validator - and many
browsers render them wrong, if it's compliant. Annoying.
2005-01-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.130. (It's amazing what you can do when you're on a long
train trip...)
* Rewrote header.jsp to include proper scripts, and renamed it to
* Moved the default scripts from templates/default to /scripts.
This allows easier access from different templates.
* RSSImageLinkTag now has proper alt-tag.
* The IncludeTag now attempts to find the included page from the
default template, if it can't find it from the current template.
This essentially allows you to just copy the "ViewTemplate.jsp"
file (and the CSS files) into a new subdirectory for really simple
* The default template now validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
(Though there are some pages on which validation still fails, most
notably TextFormattingRules - we're working on it... :)
* TranslatorReader now emits a lot more XHTML-compatible code.
The paragraph handling was faulty on many occasions, mostly
resulting in block-level elements to be put inside paragraphs (big
* TemplateManager now works (sorta). All JSP files now use it to
figure out how templates work. This has the nice side effect that
if a template file is missing, JSPWiki will use the default
template file for that.
2005-01-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.129.
* Added EditorTag, which replaces the entire <textarea> -thingy
from EditContet.jsp. It's still a bit skeletonish, and needs
things like localizability and the ability to change how the
textarea looks, for example.
2004-12-31 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Bug fix: The internal context is now created with the proper
name when referring to using plural forms.
2004-12-31 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Added a slight delay to Lucene update thread to make sure it is
not conflicting with the rest of the startup.
* Now compiles under JDK 1.5.0 (there's an odd dependency I didn't
have time to look at, so I had to add "-source 1.4" to build.xml).
2004-12-29 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.128
* WeblogPlugin is now an InitializablePlugin.
* Added the InitializablePlugin interface, which can be
implemented by plugins if they require any calling during startup.
By default plugins are not called during JSPWiki init to make it a
bit faster.
2004-12-12 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.127
* Fixed IndexPlugin so that it no longer overflows with large page
names. A long-time annoyance, but something easy to do on a
flight to Tokyo... :-). I also added some new CSS to handle how
it looks (and made the whole thing output proper XHTML code.)
* RecentChangesPlugin (and incidentally, all referrer plugins as
well) now heed jspwiki.beautifyTitle. Patch from Foster Schucker
* Doublewhoops, forgot to add a proper import to the FormOpen,
causing a compilation error. Arg! Sorry, everyone!
2004-12-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.126
* Whoops, FormOpen was in wrong package.
2004-12-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.125
* Bug fix: Addressing inside editor is now done with names instead
of numbers (oops, a really, really old fixme :). This and the
other one reported (and patched) by Uli Heller.
* Bug fix: Javascript error with Preview.
2004-12-01 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.124
* Some shuffling of auth-related classes...
* Added protection against faulty cookies that could result in a
number of ways. Reported by many people. Fixes
2004-11-23 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.123.
* RCSFileProvider would sometimes throw a NPE. Fixed.
* Fixed BugXSSVulnerabilityInSearch.jsp by making sure Search.jsp
applies entity replacement at the proper place. Reported by
Jeremy Bae.
2004-11-18 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.122.
* Fixed the web.xml security constraints to something more useful.
Suggested by Andrew Jaquith.
2004-11-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.121.
* Fixed two instances of "&" not being encoded properly in
CalendarTag. Fixes bug "BugAmpersandNotEncodedProperly".
2004-11-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.120
* Added BugReportHandler.
* Added the WikiForms system in the CVS. It has been slightly
changed from the WikiForms as submitted by ebu. Documentation to
follow (it'll be faster if someone volunteers it :).
* It's now possible to use SET to copy variables.
[{SET var1='{$var2}'}]. Suggested by Reinhard Engel.
2004-11-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.119
* Now should compile on JDK 1.5. Thanks to Dan Johnson.
2004-11-06 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.118
* Improved attachment error handling (check UploadTemplate.jsp)
* It is now possible to limit the size of the attachments that are
uploaded by using the "jspwiki.attachments.maxsize" property.
* The attachment servlet now uses the workdir to put temporary
files in instead of the This is to facilitate
some ISPs which do not allow you to access a temporary directory.
Thanks to Mike Lippold.
* Removed extra parameters from jspwiki.tld - I thought I had done
it so I ignored bug reports about this. Oops. Sorry. *sheepish
2004-11-02 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.117
* Patch from Paul Wagland to fix issues with Lucene and
CachingProvider (it would not notice external modifications of
pages). Thanks!
2004-10-28 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.116
* Added patch to fix WikiDatabase initialization problems. Thanks
to Steffen Stundzig!
* XMLRPC and InsertPage now also check for page permissions.
Since there is no way to do XML-RPC user auth (at the moment),
XML-RPC always assumes the user is a "Guest".
2004-10-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.115
* NamedGroup now works. Some refactoring of Login.jsp to make it
more usable.
2004-10-12 Erik Bunn <>
* v2.1.114
* Refactoring: added getInstance(ServletConfig,Properties) to
provide WikiEngine with external property set. Useful mainly in
administration of multiple webapps that use JSPWiki.
2004-10-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.113
* Bug fix: 304 check in AttachmentServlet was wrong. Reported by
Yogesh Patel.
2004-10-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.112
* Developers be aware: FilterManager now throws a lot more
exceptions... So does WikiEngine.saveText().
* VariableManager now also outputs variables from the HTTP Session
and the Servlet Request Parameters (assuming they are Strings.)
* VariableManager has now a new variable: $pagefilters, which
lists all the filters currently in use.
* Added FilterException and RedirectException. Filters can now
throw a RedirectException upon preSave() and postSave() to change
the place to which the user is redirected after an edit. Also
changed the PageFilter interface to match.
* Added SpamFilter
2004-09-25 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.111
* Added TableOfContents plugin.
* Now recognizes all official IANA URI types correctly as
external links.
2004-09-24 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.110
* Added the JSPWiki logo to the default distribution.
* Reworked the default template a bit - there were some brainfarts
in it, causing it to fail on more picky browsers like Safari.
* ReferenceManager serialization is now slightly faster.
2004-09-19 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.109
* RCSFileProvider now sets the sizes when asked for page history,
making it a lot faster.
* Moved get/setSize() to WikiPage.
* v2.1.108
* CachingProvider now also caches page history. This helps the
history generation from the really slow providers like
* ReferenceManager now serializes its status on disk at every
save, and returns it at startup. This provides *significant*
speedup at JSPWiki start.
2004-08-30 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.107
* Oof... Apparently *does* use the default
platform encoding. Fixed it to use either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 to
make all scandic tests also run on OSX (which defaults to Mac
Roman, duh). Also fixed the tests so that they are now full
US-ASCII instead of Latin-1.
2004-08-05 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.106.
* Added documentation for WeblogPlugin and WeblogEntryPlugin.
* PluginTag now also accepts body content, which gets translated
to the "_body" content of the plugin. Thanks to Foster Schucker
for the initial code.
2004-08-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.105
* Added Killer's patch for BasicAttachmentProvider - it now
actually deletes attachments.
2004-07-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.104
* DefaultPermissions now has a variable: "defaultpermissions",
which is used to read the permissions in. The permissions of the
actual page "DefaultPermissions", and the actual default
permissions are now thus separate. See the DefaultPermissions
page in the distribution for more information.
* Added set/getLoginName() to UserProfile.
* Added documentation for the three new tags.
2004-06-27 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.103
* Major additions to FindContent.jsp - got rid of most of the
scriptlets. Added three new tags to the soup as well, so you
can now write around your searchstuff with those. It is remotely
possible that old search code breaks now.
* v2.1.102
* Added ebu's patch against NPEs in UserManager.
2004-06-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.101
* Added "debug" parameter to all plugins. This is recognized by
the JSPWiki engine itself, and if the parameter is specified as
"true", JSPWiki will automatically output all parameters and the
stack trace to the page itself, if there is an exception.
Suggested by Foster Schucker.
2004-06-10 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.100
* All WikiProviders now take WikiEngine as one of the arguments to
the constructor. I'm sorry, but this does break all 3rd party
providers... The change is really simple, though; and for good
* Added new property: jspwiki.workDir. This is used in the future
for all kinds of caching and other events. At the moment, only
Lucene uses it.
* Included Mahlen Morris' patch for Apache Lucene -enabled search.
It's FAAAST. Thanks!
* Bug fix: Direct URIs in text would cause a failure, if they
contained wikimarkup.
2004-06-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Corrected DTD URI in web.xml. Thanks to Lance Bader.
2004-06-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.99.
* Fixed a long-standing problem with hyperlinks inside headers
causing strange behaviour with generated section names. Reported
by Foster Schucker.
2004-05-16 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.98.
* Removed all HTML generation from TranslatorReader into
HTMLRenderer, and added TextRenderer.
2004-05-14 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.97.
* Added preliminary support for the Atom blog API. It still does
not yet completely work, however.
2004-05-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* Denounce plugin no longer fails on null user-agent.
* v2.1.96.
* Added new FeedDiscoveryTag, deprecated RSSLinkTag.
* Added atom.jsp to support the 0.3 version of Atom. The Atom
feed attempts to figure out the blog name from a page variable
called "blogname".
2004-05-03 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.95.
* Implemented rest of the MetaWeblogAPI routines. They are
completely untested yet.
2004-04-09 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.94.
* Now default template links to EditPageHelp in case
the page is missing. Suggested by SebastianPetzelberger.
2004-03-31 Erik Bunn <>
* v2.1.93
* Modified UserManager, UserDatabase, WikiDatabase: UserProfile
objects are now ultimately produced by the UserDatabase implementation.
By plugging in a different implementation, you can e.g. construct users
from a database.
2004-01-21 Erik Bunn <>
* v2.1.92
* Modified all IteratorTag classes to use WikiContext.clone()
instead of creating a new one. This preserves the context info.
2004-01-15 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.91.
* Plugin errors are now logged as INFO level for convinience.
Getting a zillion emails every time someone mistypes a plugin name
is NOT good.
2004-01-13 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.90.
2004-01-12 Erik Bunn <>
* Added UserManager.getUserDatabase(), getAuthenticator().
These are useful for external user providers.
* Added WikiGroup.clearMembers().
2003-12-04 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.89.
* Made WikiDatabase.initDataBase() and WikiDatabase.updateGroup()
protected at Killer's request.
2003-11-22 Janne Jalkanen <>
* v2.1.88.
* Implemented a completely new PageFilter initialization
system. Please see the new PageFilters page in the documentation.
NB: The Filter interface did not change, but any setup
instructions did.
2003-11-07 Janne Jalkanen <>