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## Description:
The mission of JSPWiki is the creation and maintenance of software related to
Leading open source WikiWiki engine, feature-rich and built around standard
JEE components (Java, servlets, JSP).
## Issues:
There are no issues requiring board attention.
## Membership Data:
Apache JSPWiki was founded 2013-07-17 (8 years ago)
There are currently 14 committers and 8 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is 7:4.
Community changes, past quarter:
- No new PMC members. Last addition was Dave Koelmeyer on 2016-04-06.
- No new committers. Last addition was Dave Koelmeyer on 2016-04-06.
## Project Activity:
Quiet quarter, the only activity was regarding switching JSPWiki logging
framework from Log4J to Log4J2 (JSPWIKI-795), and a few dependency updates.
The work being done at JSPWIKI-795 was the last step towards 2.11.0, which
should be released next quarter if all goes well.
## Community Health:
Mostly silence as well, with a few questions (answered) on MLs. Most of the
mail activity belongs to dependabot requesting updates for aws-kendra, a
library that releases semver-patches almost daily. This updates have been
silenced on dependabot so MLs shouldn't be take over by it anymore...