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## Description:
- A feature-rich and extensible WikiWiki engine built around the standard
JEE components (Java, servlets, JSP).
## Issues:
- There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.
## Activity:
- Development focused on switching the baseline to 2.11, with a vote for the
first release on it, 2.11.0.M1, happening on December. The vote did
not succeed due to a number of issues found on the RC, and a new RC is
expected on January.
- We received a vulnerability report, which has been already fixed on master
and will be part of the upcoming 2.11.0.M1 release.
## Health report:
- No questions unanswered on MLs, with at least 3 people from PMC showing
up there. No potential candidates for PMC/committership yet.
- Slow pace of development, but nothing unusual.
## PMC changes:
- Currently 11 PMC members.
- No new PMC members added in the last 3 months
- Last PMC addition was Dave Koelmeyer on Wed Apr 06 2016
## Committer base changes:
- Currently 16 committers.
- No new committers added in the last 3 months
- Last committer addition was Dave Koelmeyer at Wed Apr 06 2016
## Releases:
- Last release was 2.10.5 on Tue Sep 04 2018
## Mailing list activity:
- Normal quarter regarding ML activity, although we've been having a
slow decline on subscribers on both lists, consistently for some months
now. Not worrying, but worth noting (also, we are not sure on what to
do other than keep working and answering on MLs...).
- 81 subscribers (down -1 in the last 3 months):
- 57 emails sent to list (51 in previous quarter)
- 169 subscribers (down -4 in the last 3 months):
- 3 emails sent to list (7 in previous quarter)
## JIRA activity:
- 0 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
- 2 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months