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Status Report for the Apache JSPWiki project - July 2014
JSPWiki is a Java-based wiki engine
== Anything the board should be aware of?
There are no Board-level issues at this time.
== Releases / Development
Last release, 2.10.1, on 29th May, 2014
Aside from efforts put into the release, it's been a quieter period than
usual, although a contribution was incorporated into trunk and questions
are being answered on MLs.
== Community
Last Committer: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Last PMC: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Back to normal levels of activity on ML, meaning a rough 30% decrease of
activity at dev@j.a.o on this period, when compared to previous period, with
an average of almost 70 messages per month, with user@j.a.o also going back
to normal levels (16-17 messages per month, on average).
88 (-1) people subscribed to dev@j.a.o, 177 (+2) people subscribed at