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JSPWiki is a Java-based wiki engine
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Releases / Development
Last release on 15th May, 2013
Activity has increased this period, part because of public wiki
published, part because 2.10.0 release is being pursued. A release vote
for 2.10.0 was held, but didn't pass due to a couple of issues which
surfaced during the vote. Those have been fixed, but we have taken the
opportunity to include one contribution and fix other minor issues.
2.10.0 should be released this January.
Development has also been associated to the migration of wiki pages
from (former to our new wiki.
Last Committer: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Last PMC: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Activity has returned to it's normal levels at dev@j.a.o, whereas
user@j.a.o continues with more or less the same amount of (little)
We have received a couple of contributions, the Clean Blue template,
to be included on the upcoming 2.10.0 release and the EntityManager,
which should be looked at after 2.10.0. We also received a couple of
patches in this period, which have been incorporated into trunk.
92 (+0) people subscribed to dev@j.a.o, 175 (-1) people subscribed at