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JSPWiki is a Java-based wiki engine
Anything the board should be aware of?
There are no Board-level issues at this time.
Releases / Development
Last release on 15th May, 2013
Little activity regarding development this month.
Development has been mainly focused on setting up our public wikis,
which are near complete, pending for some redirections to be performed
at infra, cleaning up the website now that we're able to edit the
site, and fixing an issue regarding oscache to ehcache transition.
Last Committer: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Last PMC: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Almost silent month at dev@j.a.o, whereas user@j.a.o continues
with more or less the same amount of (little) activity
92 (+1) people subscribed to dev@j.a.o, 176 (+1) people subscribed at