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JSPWiki is a Java-based wiki engine
Anything the board should be aware of?
Still having one issue noted on the past report, regarding the
transfer of Incubator resources to TLP: we're currently unable to edit
the website, unless we do it directly on production/ URL. Following up
this issue with Infra at INFRA-6611.
Releases / Development
Last release on 15th May, 2013
Little activity regarding development this month.
Development has been mainly focused on three points: replacing oscache
with ehcache, simplifying JSPWiki configuration via a custom properties
file and fixing the integration tests.
The VM for the live JSPWikis has just been created, so work on setting
up the wikis should begin shortly.
Last Committer: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
Last PMC: Glen Mazza (gmazza), on 04th Jan, 2013
dev@j.a.o had roughly a 35% less traffic than the previous month,
whereas user@j.a.o had ~4 times more posts. These posts however, have
been focused on 2 single questions.
91 (+0) people subscribed to dev@j.a.o, 175 (-10) people subscribed at