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JSecurity Runtime Requirements
All 3rd party dependencies mentioned below are accessible in two ways:
1) In the jsecurity-<version> distribution's lib directory
2) After downloading jsecurity-<version>.zip (no dependencies), run 'ant retrieve-dependencies'. This will download
the dependencies to a lib directory (peer to the build.xml).
Minimal required dependencies
Java 1.5 and later: Ensure jsecurity.jar and Apache commons-logging.jar are in your application's classpath.
Java 1.3 and 1.4 only: jsecurity.jar, commons-logging.jar and retroweaver.jar and its associated dependendencies
Feature-based dependencies
- If you want to use JSecurity's enterprise session management (heterogeneous clients, SSO support, etc):
. include ehcache.jar and backport-util-concurrent.jar
- JSecurity Web Filter text-based config ('config' init param) in web.xml or JSecurity code Annotations:
. include Jakarta commons-beanutils-core.jar