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What is jSieve?
jSieve is a Java implementation of the Sieve mail filtering language defined by
RFC 3028. jSieve is implemented as a langauge processor that can be plugged into any
internet mail application to add Sieve support.
Getting Started
Until these pages are fleshed out, the best way to understand jSieve is read the
Javadocs and look at the source code.
- To understand how to invoke jSieve, see org.apache.jsieve.SieveFactory.
- To understand how to implement a MailAdapter for jSieve, see
- To understand how to add a custom extension to jSieve, see
- The jUnit tests in org.apache.jsieve.junit illustrate many aspects
of the implementation.
- To build jSieve, read BUILDING.txt
Comments, Questions and Issues
jSieve is a sub-project of Apache James. Please direct your comments and questions to
the relevant James list.
To report issues, such as bugs, go to
As jSieve comes with a fairly extensive suite of jUnit Tests, it would be most
helpful for bug reports to be accompanied by an illustrative jUnit test case.
Licensing and legal issues
For legal and licensing issues, please look in the legal section of
the documentation or read the LICENSE and NOTICE files.