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* The "type.cnd" file contains the (mixin) node type definition which is
* required by the ExpandingArchiveClassPathEntry class, which supports
* on-demand unpacking of JAR/ZIP archives for enhanced performances of class
* path access.
* NOTE: This file is read through a reader with encoding "ISO-8859-1".
* @author Felix Meschberger
* @version $Rev:$, $Date:$
* @see org.apache.jackrabbit.classloader.ExpandingArchiveClassPathEntry
* @see org.apache.jackrabbit.classloader.NodeTypeSupport
// The "rep" namespace is expected to be present in the repository.
// For Jackrabbit based repositories, this is true, for other repositories, we
// present the namespace declaration here.
// This declaration is inline with the Jackrabbit internal namespace declaration
// for the "rep" namespace.
<rep = 'internal'>
<nt = ''>
// The node containing the JAR/ZIP archive is tagged with this mixin node
// type to singal, that the archive has been unpacked into the subtree
// rooted at the "rep:jarContents" child node.
[rep:jarFile] mixin
// The "rep:jarExpanded" property is set to the timestamp of the date/time at
// which the JAR/ZIP archive has been expanded.
- rep:jarExpanded (date)
mandatory copy
// The "rep:jarContents" is the root node of the subtree into which the archive
// is unpacked. There is no explicit type requirement for the type of this
// node, except, that it must be allowed nodes of type "nt:file" and "nt:folder"
// below. Unpacking the archive in the ExpandingArchiveClassPathEntry class
// will create the "rep:jarContents" node as an nt:folder node and create files
// and folders contained in the archive as "nt:file" and "nt:folder" nodes,
// respectively.
+ rep:jarContents (nt:base) = nt:folder
mandatory copy