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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import argparse
import re
import requests
# Where are the credentials stored?
### parameterize this?
CREDS_FNAME = '/x1/buildmaster/master1/kickbuild.txt'
#CREDS_FNAME = 'bb2.txt'
# LDAP to CNAME mappings for some projects
### this should be centralized, not copied
'whimsy': 'whimsical',
'empire': 'empire-db',
'webservices': 'ws',
'infrastructure': 'infra',
'comdev': 'community',
# The schedule/host we need to kick for a rebuild.
### maybe parameterize?
SCHEDULER_NAME = 'pelican_websites'
def main(repo, sourcebranch, outputbranch, theme, notify, min_pages):
# Never build from asf-site.
assert sourcebranch != 'asf-site'
# Infer project name from the repository name.
### this code and WSMAP should be centralized.
m = re.match(r"(?:incubator-)?([^-.]+)", repo)
pname =
pname = WSMAP.get(pname, pname)
# Login to BB2, to get an authn cookie.
bbusr, bbpwd = open(CREDS_FNAME).readline().strip().split(':', 1)
s = requests.Session()
s.get(f'https://{API_HOST}/auth/login', auth=(bbusr, bbpwd))
payload = {
'method': 'force',
'jsonrpc': '2.0',
'id': None, # Notification to server. We don't need a response.
'params': {
'reason': f'Rebuild {repo}, via',
'source': f'{repo}.git',
'sourcebranch': sourcebranch,
'outputbranch': outputbranch,
'project': pname,
'theme': theme,
'notify': notify,
#'toc': toc,
'minimum_page_count': min_pages,
print('Triggering pelican build...')'https://{API_HOST}/api/v2/forceschedulers/{SCHEDULER_NAME}', json=payload)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Kick of a Pelican build for a repository.')
parser.add_argument('--repo', required=True,
help='Repository name to build.')
parser.add_argument('--sourcebranch', default='main',
help='Branch with source content.')
parser.add_argument('--outputbranch', default='asf-site',
help='Branch where output will be saved.')
parser.add_argument('--theme', default='theme',
help='Subdirectory containing the theme to use.')
parser.add_argument('--notify', default='',
help='Where to email the build result message.')
parser.add_argument('--min-pages', type=int, default=0,
help='Minimum number of generated pages.')
args = parser.parse_args()
print('ARGS:', args)
main(args.repo, args.sourcebranch, args.outputbranch, args.theme,
args.notify, args.min_pages)