Apache Spot (incubating) - Installation Guide

Apache Spot - User Interface (aka Spot UI or UI) Provides tools for interactive visualization, noise filters, white listing, and attack heuristics.

Here you will find instructions to get Spot UI up and running. For more information about Spot look here.


  • IPython with notebook module enabled (== 3.2.0) link
  • NPM - Node Package Manager link
  • spot-oa output

Spot UI takes any output from spot-oa backend, as input for the visualization tools provided. Please make sure there are files available under PATH_TO_SPOT/ui/data/${PIPELINE}/${DATE}/

Install Spot UI

  1. Install Python dependencies following the steps from here

  2. Go to Spot UI dir

    $ cd PATH_TO_SPOT/spot-oa/ui/

  3. With root privileges, install browserify and uglify as global commands on your system.

    # npm install -g browserify uglifyjs

  4. As a regular user install dependencies and build Spot UI

    $ npm install

How to run Spot UI

  1. Go to Spot OA dir

    $ cd PATH_TO_SPOT/spot-oa/

  2. Start the web server

    $ ./runIpython.sh

  3. Verify your installation, go to http://SPOT_OA_SERVER:8889/files/ui/flow/suspicious.html.