Apache Spot (incubating)

Apache Spot (incubating) Operational Analytics (OA) is a collection of modules, which includes both the data processing and transformation as well as the GUI module for data visualization.

The visualization repository (UI folder) contains all the front-end code and files related to the Open Network Insight visual elements, such as styles, pages, data files, etc. Some of the technologies used are:

** For more specific requirements, please refer to each specific pipeline readme file before running OA.*


  1. Install python dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Install UI requirements and build UI following the steps from here

Folder Structure

spot-oa is the root folder, below are more details about child folders:

  • context : Static files for adding network context to the data
  • oa : Operational Analytics path
  • ui : GUI files

Operational Analytics (Back end)

IPython Notebooks


Analyst View (suspicious.html)

The Analyst view provides a dashboard showing the top 250 suspicious connects.

Threat Investigation (threat-investigation.html)

HTML page container for the Threat Investigation Notebook

Story Board (storyboard.html)

Executive Briefing dashboard

Ingest Summary (ingest-summary.html)

Interactive histogram dashboard that shows the amount of data captured in a certain period of time.