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Export/Import Utilities.
Use for:
- backup of specified waves.
- transform waves between Wiab instances.
1. Login.
Login to Wiab performed using user or robot account.
To login with robot account specify parameters "consumer_key" and "consumer_secret".
If this parameters are not defined, you will be prompted to open specified URL in the browser,
login at the server and copy/paste secret code to program.
2. Export.
Downloads waves data to the specified directory.
Use: WaveExport <server URL> <export directory>
[-consumer_key Robot consumer key]
[-consumer_secret Robot consumer secret]
[-search Search query]
[-include Include waves list]
[-include_file Include waves list file]
[-exclude Exclude waves list]
By default are exported all waves, in which logged in user or robot are participant.
You may modify search query, specify it in the parameter "search".
It is also possible to specify a list of included and excluded waves (parameters "include", "include_file", "exclude").
For each wave is determined the list of visible wavelets, which are uploaded to the special files in the specified directory.
Export uploads:
- wavelet snapshot;
- the history of wavelet changes in the deltas;
- attachments for all wavelet history.
3. Import.
Uploads waves data from the specified directory.
Use: WaveImport <server URL> <export directory>
[-consumer_key Robot consumer key]
[-consumer_secret Robot consumer secret]
[-wave_domain Target wave domain]
If a server domain in which the data is imported, different from the source domain,
it must be specified in the parameter "wave_domain".
Iidentifiers of waves and wavelets will be changed to the specified domain.
Domain of the participants also will be changed.
If the server already has a wavelet with the specified identifier, the import will be made from the current version of the wavelet,
or wavelet is skipped.