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Apache Wave
What is it?
Wave is a distributed, near-real-time, rich collaboration platform that allows
users to work together in new and exciting ways. Wave allows for flexible modes
of communication, blending chat, email and collaborative document editing in to
one seamless environment. Wave provides a lively and responsive environment
that promotes more fluid and dynamic collaboration between users. The addition
of Robots and Gagets allow the Wave platform to provide intelligence,
integration, and customizability to the users experience.
The Latest Version
Details of the latest version can be found on the Apache Wave project web site
Details of any changes from the previous version can be found in the file named
"CHANGES" is this directory.
Compatability Issues
Being the first Apache Wave release, there are no possible compatibility changes
with previous versions of Apache Wave.
If you are upgrading from a Wave-in-a-Box installation, please ensure your
configuration file contains all keys listed in the sample configuration in file
named 'server.config.example' in this directory.
This software is licensed under the terms you may find in the files named
"LICENSE" and "NOTICE" in this directory.
Please see the file named "README" for instructions on how to install Apache
Wave on your machine.
You may also find it helpful to refer to the documentation on the wiki at
Thanks for using Wave.
The Apache Wave Project