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Slider is a collection of tools & technologies to package, deploy, and manage
long running applications on Apache Hadoop YARN clusters.
There are no Board-level issues at this time.
When did the project last make any releases?
We have made our first ASF-hosted release on June 2
This was a source-only release; some of the reviewers have made suggestions
which will need to be incorporated into the next. We plan to do another
release in a few weeks time, and so evolve the project rapidly.
Describe the overall activity in the project over the past quarter
Our main activity has been setting up the incubator-hosted project, JIRA,
site, mailing list. etc. The Infra team have been very helpful here.
-Making and publishing our site has educated us on site publishing
-The initial release has taught us of the release process for incubating
projects, and where we need to improve it.
When were the last committers or PMC members elected?
We have only just set up and so the committer and PMC membership is
as covered in the incubator proposal.
PMC and committer diversity
We're only getting started, and do not have any diversity yet. Our first
goal will be to get users, bug reporters and developers. The dev list
is up and running -and we do not have any separate user list, so we hope
to pull users into coding.
The initial release will help to gain awareness, and should bring in users.
Infrastructure issues or strategic needs
We're still trying to get Jenkins building, but that's a matter of
handling protobuf-versions on the build machines, rather than infra