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Changes only in Hortonworks github and not in slider-0.80.0-incubating.
SLIDER-812 Make component configurations in appConfig available on the SliderAgent side (Thomas Liu via gourksaha)
SLIDER-891 Add ability to set Slider AM launch environment during cluster create/start
SLIDER-128 Support graceful stop of component instances
SLIDER-777 Provide slider dependencies as a self contained versioned tarball
SLIDER-941 Add JAAS config templates for HBase
SLIDER-481 giving registry log messages meaningful text
SLIDER-810 YARN config changes to enable partial logs upload for long running services (default include/exclude patterns does not upload any files)
SLIDER-877 move SLIDER_HOME assignment to
SLIDER-878 Slider cannot support jdk 1.8 for command slider registry --getconf hbase-site --name hb1
SLIDER-888 intermittent errors when accessing key store password during localization of cert stores
SLIDER-901 AgentClientProvider should use File.separator in paths for platform independency (Thomas Liu via gourksaha)
SLIDER-902 add config to client cert gen command
SLIDER-904 Resource leak reported by coverity scan results
SLIDER-905 Container request fails when Slider requests container with node label and host constraints
SLIDER-912 x-insecure rest API should be off by default
SLIDER-923 switch to TryOnceThenFail retry policy on IPC (needed for Hadoop 2.8+)
SLIDER-911 remove surplus jax rs jsr311-api JAR
SLIDER-931 Security permissions on set up ZK path are too lax
SLIDER-916 Fix Docker related bugs