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Create Slider App Package for HBase
While appConfig.json and resources.json are not required for the package they
work well as the default configuration for Slider apps. So it is advisable that
when you create an application package for Slider, include sample/default
resources.json and appConfig.json for a minimal Yarn cluster.
OPTION-I: Use mvn command
****** OPTION - I (use mvn command) **
You need the HBase version available on local maven repo to create the Slider App Package for HBase.
Download the tarball for HBase:
e.g. path to tarball ~/Downloads/hbase-0.98.3-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz
The version of HBase used for the app package can be adjusted by adding a
flag such as
Use the following command to install HBase tarball locally (under local workspace of HBase repo):
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-tarball> -DgroupId=org.apache.hbase -DartifactId=hbase -Dversion=0.98.3-hadoop2 -Dclassifier=bin -Dpackaging=tar.gz
You may need to copy the hbase tarball to the following location if the above step doesn't publish the tarball:
After HBase tarball is published locally in maven repository, you can use the following command:
mvn clean package -DskipTests -Phbase-app-package
App package can be found in
Verify the content using
zip -Tv apache-slider-hbase-*.zip
If an HBase version older than 0.98.3 is desired, it must be installed in the local maven repo.
A less descriptive file name can be specified with which would create a file
****** OPTION - II (manual) **
The Slider App Package for HBase can also be created manually.
Download the tarball for HBase:
e.g. path to tarball ~/Downloads/hbase-0.98.3-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz
Copy the hbase tarball to package/files
cp ~/Downloads/hbase-0.98.3-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz package/files
Edit appConfig.json/metainfo.xml
Replace 4 occurrences of "${hbase.version}" with the hbase version values such as "0.98.3-hadoop2"
Replace 1 occurrence of "${}" with the desired app package name, e.g. "hbase-v098"
Create a zip package at the root of the package (<slider enlistment>/app-packages/hbase/)
zip -r .
Verify the content using
zip -Tv