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Code for the S4 website
This website uses the [nanoc]( static website generator
Entry pages are written with haml and the documentation is written with markdown.
# To compile the site:
* Install nanoc: `gem install nanoc`
* `nanoc compile`
The generated static website is in `output/`
There are also a number of dependencies on other gem, error messages are explicit about which ones and how to install them.
We also use pygments for code syntax highlighting. It's a python program, see [here]( for installing.
# To upload the site to apache, commit the generated website to svn (site/ directory)
The svn is located at [](
cp -R output/* $S4_SVN_LOC/site
cd $S4_SVN_LOC
svn update
svn status
svn add <whatever is missing>
svn commit --username <apache username> -m "commit message"
With svnpubsub, the website is automatically updated