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#include <cstdint>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "query_optimizer/cost_model/StarSchemaSimpleCostModel.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/expressions/AttributeReference.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/physical/LIPFilterConfiguration.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/physical/FilterJoin.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/physical/HashJoin.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/physical/Physical.hpp"
#include "query_optimizer/rules/Rule.hpp"
#include "utility/Macros.hpp"
namespace quickstep {
namespace optimizer {
/** \addtogroup OptimizerRules
* @{
* @brief Rule that applies to a physical plan to transform HashJoin nodes into
* FilterJoin nodes.
* This is an optimization that strength-reduces HashJoins to FilterJoins
* (implemented as LIPFilters attached to some anchoring operators where the
* filters get applied). Briefly speaking, the idea is that in the case that
* (1) the join attribute has consecutive integer values bounded in a reasonably
* small range AND (2) the output attributes are all from the probe-side table,
* we can eliminate the HashJoin by building a BitVector on the build-side
* attribute and using the BitVector to filter the probe-side table.
class InjectJoinFilters : public Rule<physical::Physical> {
* @brief Constructor.
InjectJoinFilters() {}
~InjectJoinFilters() override {}
std::string getName() const override {
return "TransformFilterJoins";
physical::PhysicalPtr apply(const physical::PhysicalPtr &input) override;
// Check whether a HashJoin can be transformed into a FilterJoin.
bool isTransformable(const physical::HashJoinPtr &hash_join) const;
// Transform applicable HashJoin nodes into FilterJoin nodes.
physical::PhysicalPtr transformHashJoinToFilters(
const physical::PhysicalPtr &input) const;
// Push down FilterJoin nodes to be evaluated early.
physical::PhysicalPtr pushDownFilters(const physical::PhysicalPtr &input) const;
// Add Selection node, if necessary, for anchoring the LIP filters built by
// FilterJoin nodes.
physical::PhysicalPtr addFilterAnchors(const physical::PhysicalPtr &input,
const bool ancestor_can_anchor_filter) const;
// Setup lip_filter_configuration_ with the transformed plan tree.
void concretizeAsLIPFilters(const physical::PhysicalPtr &input,
const physical::PhysicalPtr &anchor_node) const;
physical::PhysicalPtr pushDownFiltersInternal(
const physical::PhysicalPtr &probe_child,
const physical::PhysicalPtr &build_child,
const physical::FilterJoinPtr &filter_join) const;
bool findExactMinMaxValuesForAttributeHelper(
const physical::PhysicalPtr &physical_plan,
const expressions::AttributeReferencePtr &attribute,
std::int64_t *min_cpp_value,
std::int64_t *max_cpp_value) const;
std::unique_ptr<cost::StarSchemaSimpleCostModel> cost_model_;
std::unique_ptr<physical::LIPFilterConfiguration> lip_filter_configuration_;
// TODO(jianqiao): Add this threshold as a gflag.
// Note that 1G bits = 128MB
static constexpr std::int64_t kMaxFilterSize = 1000000000L;
/** @} */
} // namespace optimizer
} // namespace quickstep