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#include "catalog/IndexScheme.hpp"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "catalog/Catalog.pb.h"
#include "storage/IndexSubBlockDescriptionFactory.hpp"
#include "storage/StorageBlockLayout.pb.h"
#include "glog/logging.h"
namespace quickstep {
bool IndexScheme::ProtoIsValid(const serialization::IndexScheme &proto) {
// Check that proto is fully initialized.
if (!proto.IsInitialized()) {
return false;
// Check that each index entry contains initialized valid index description.
for (int i = 0; i < proto.index_entries_size(); ++i) {
const serialization::IndexScheme_IndexEntry &index_entry = proto.index_entries(i);
if (!IndexSubBlockDescriptionFactory::ProtoIsValid(index_entry.index_description())) {
return false;
return true;
IndexScheme* IndexScheme::ReconstructFromProto(const serialization::IndexScheme &proto) {
<< "Attempted to create IndexScheme from an invalid proto description:\n"
<< proto.DebugString();
std::unique_ptr<IndexScheme> index_scheme(new IndexScheme());
for (int index_num = 0; index_num < proto.index_entries_size(); ++index_num) {
const serialization::IndexScheme_IndexEntry &index_entry = proto.index_entries(index_num);
// Make sure that index with same name does not already exist.
== index_scheme->index_map_.end())
<< "Attempted to create IndexScheme from proto with duplicate index names.";
// Store the index_name and corresponding index description in map.
index_scheme->index_map_.emplace(index_entry.index_name(), index_entry.index_description());
return index_scheme.release();
serialization::IndexScheme IndexScheme::getProto() const {
serialization::IndexScheme proto;
// Set the entries of the index scheme.
for (auto cit = index_map_.cbegin(); cit != index_map_.cend(); ++cit) {
// Create an index entry.
serialization::IndexScheme_IndexEntry *index_entry = proto.add_index_entries();
// Populate the details of the index entry.
return proto;
} // namespace quickstep