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#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionCount.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregationHandleCount.hpp"
#include "types/Type.hpp"
#include "types/TypeFactory.hpp"
#include "types/TypeID.hpp"
#include "glog/logging.h"
namespace quickstep {
bool AggregateFunctionCount::canApplyToTypes(
const std::vector<const Type*> &argument_types) const {
// COUNT may be nullary (i.e. COUNT(*)) or unary.
return argument_types.size() <= 1;
const Type* AggregateFunctionCount::resultTypeForArgumentTypes(
const std::vector<const Type*> &argument_types) const {
if (!canApplyToTypes(argument_types)) {
return nullptr;
return &TypeFactory::GetType(kLong);
AggregationHandle* AggregateFunctionCount::createHandle(
const std::vector<const Type*> &argument_types) const {
<< "Attempted to create an AggregationHandleCount for argument Types "
<< "that COUNT can not be applied to (> 1 argument).";
if (argument_types.empty()) {
// COUNT(*)
return new AggregationHandleCount<true, false>(nullptr);
} else if (argument_types.front()->isNullable()) {
// COUNT(some_nullable_argument)
return new AggregationHandleCount<false, true>(argument_types.front());
} else {
// COUNT(non_nullable_argument)
// TODO(chasseur): Modify query optimizer to optimize-away COUNT with a
// non-nullable argument and convert it to COUNT(*).
return new AggregationHandleCount<false, false>(argument_types.front());
} // namespace quickstep