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<title>Updating the Website</title>
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<h1 class="title">Updating the Website</h1>
<p>Pirk’s web site is developed using <a href="">Jekyll</a>. The Jekyll source is contained in the
<a href=";a=tree;h=gh-pages">gh-pages</a> branch and the
<a href=";a=tree;h=asf-site">asf-site</a> branch contains
the HTML content.</p>
<p>Website development is
performed by editing the contents of the
<a href=";a=tree;h=gh-pages">gh-pages</a> branch, either
directly by a committer, with a pull request to <a href="">GitHub</a>, or a patch
submitted to <a href="">JIRA</a>. The rendered site can be previewed locally or on
<a href="">GitHub</a>, and the rendered site (in the <code class="highlighter-rouge">_site</code> directory) will be
merged into the <code class="highlighter-rouge">asf-site</code> branch to update the <a href="">official site</a> after being built with the <code class="highlighter-rouge">_config-asf.yml</code> configuration.</p>
<p>To manage any Gem dependencies, it is highly recommended to use <a href="">Bundler</a>.
To start using Bundler, install it and then install the dependencies for the website:</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>gem install bundler
bundle install
<p>To get help with jekyll:</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>jekyll help
<p>To test the site locally (usually on http://localhost:4000):</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>bundle exec jekyll serve --config _config-asf.yml --safe --baseurl=""
<p>To build for updating the <code class="highlighter-rouge">asf-site</code> branch:</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>bundle exec jekyll build --config _config-asf.yml --safe
<p>A <a href=";a=blob_plain;f=_devtools/git-hooks/post-commit;hb=gh-pages">post-commit hook</a> is available (Thanks <a href="">Apache Accumulo!</a>) for you to automatically create a
commit in the <code class="highlighter-rouge">asf-site</code> branch locally each time you commit to the <code class="highlighter-rouge">gh-pages</code>
branch. You can also run this command manually:</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>./_devtools/git-hooks/post-commit
<p>To automatically run this post-commit hook in your local repository, copy
the given file into your <code class="highlighter-rouge">.git/hooks</code> directory, and ensure the file is executable:</p>
<div class="highlighter-rouge"><pre class="highlight"><code>cp ./_devtools/git-hooks/post-commit .git/hooks/
chmod +x .git/hooks/post-commit
<p>Finally, ensure you have pushed the changes in both the <code class="highlighter-rouge">asf-site</code> and <code class="highlighter-rouge">gh-pages</code> branches. The <code class="highlighter-rouge">gh-pages</code> branch
contains the source used by the <code class="highlighter-rouge">post-commit</code> script to generate the static HTML which lives in the
<code class="highlighter-rouge">asf-site</code> branch and is actually served.</p>
<p><a href=""><img src="/images/feather-small.gif" alt="Apache Software Foundation" id="asf-logo" height="100" /></a></p>
<p>Copyright © 2016-2016 The Apache Software Foundation. Licensed under the <a href="">Apache License, Version 2.0</a>.</p>