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Building the HTrace Go code
The htrace go code consists of 4 main parts:
* The "htraced" standalone server
This is a server which accepts trace spans, and services REST queries.
* The "htrace" command-line program which can query the server
This is a simple command-line program which can query the htrace server.
* The htraced Javascript Web UI
* The htrace go client library (not yet implemented)
This is the equivalent of the Java HTrace client library, but written in Go.
You can build all these parts simply by running "".
The binaries will be created in bin/.
You will need to install:
* The Go programming language
* The development package for leveldb (some Linux distros call this "leveldb-devel") containing
htraced requires to be in your shared library path in order to run.
You can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the path for this library, or simply install to your system library path.
You can run the unit tests by running "./ test"