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package common
// The 4-byte magic number which is sent first in the HRPC header
const HRPC_MAGIC = 0x43525448
// Method ID codes. Do not reorder these.
const (
const METHOD_NAME_WRITE_SPANS = "HrpcHandler.WriteSpans"
// Maximum length of the error message passed in an HRPC response
const MAX_HRPC_ERROR_LENGTH = 4 * 1024 * 1024
// Maximum length of HRPC message body
const MAX_HRPC_BODY_LENGTH = 64 * 1024 * 1024
// A request to write spans to htraced.
type WriteSpansReq struct {
Addr string `json:",omitempty"` // This gets filled in by the RPC layer.
DefaultTrid string `json:",omitempty"`
Spans []*Span
// Info returned by /server/version
type ServerVersion struct {
// The server release version.
ReleaseVersion string
// The git hash that this software was built with.
GitVersion string
// A response to a WriteSpansReq
type WriteSpansResp struct {
// The header which is sent over the wire for HRPC
type HrpcRequestHeader struct {
Magic uint32
MethodId uint32
Seq uint64
Length uint32
// The response which is sent over the wire for HRPC
type HrpcResponseHeader struct {
Seq uint64
MethodId uint32
ErrLength uint32
Length uint32
func HrpcMethodIdToMethodName(id uint32) string {
switch id {
return ""
func HrpcMethodNameToId(name string) uint32 {
switch name {
type SpanMetrics struct {
// The total number of spans written to HTraced.
Written uint64
// The total number of spans dropped by the server.
ServerDropped uint64
// A map from network address strings to SpanMetrics structures.
type SpanMetricsMap map[string]*SpanMetrics
// Info returned by /server/stats
type ServerStats struct {
// Statistics for each shard (directory)
Dirs []StorageDirectoryStats
// Per-host Span Metrics
HostSpanMetrics SpanMetricsMap
// The time (in UTC milliseconds since the epoch) when the
// datastore was last started.
LastStartMs int64
// The current time (in UTC milliseconds since the epoch) on the server.
CurMs int64
// The total number of spans which have been reaped.
ReapedSpans uint64
// The total number of spans which have been ingested since the server started, by WriteSpans
// requests. This number counts spans that didn't get written to persistent storage as well as
// those that did.
IngestedSpans uint64
// The total number of spans which have been written to leveldb since the server started.
WrittenSpans uint64
// The total number of spans dropped by the server since the server started.
ServerDroppedSpans uint64
// The maximum latency of a writeSpans request, in milliseconds.
MaxWriteSpansLatencyMs uint32
// The average latency of a writeSpans request, in milliseconds.
AverageWriteSpansLatencyMs uint32
type StorageDirectoryStats struct {
Path string
// The approximate number of bytes on disk present in this shard.
ApproximateBytes uint64
// leveldb.stats information
LevelDbStats string
type ServerDebugInfoReq struct {
type ServerDebugInfo struct {
// Stack traces from all goroutines
StackTraces string
// Garbage collection statistics
GCStats string