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* Copyright 2012 Google Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
// Author: (Jeff Kaufman)
// Manage configuration for pagespeed. Compare to ApacheConfig.
extern "C" {
#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>
#include <ngx_http.h>
#include <vector>
#include "ngx_rewrite_driver_factory.h"
#include "net/instaweb/rewriter/public/rewrite_options.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/message_handler.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/ref_counted_ptr.h"
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/stl_util.h" // for STLDeleteElements
#include "pagespeed/system/system_rewrite_options.h"
namespace net_instaweb {
class NgxRewriteDriverFactory;
class ScriptArgIndex {
explicit ScriptArgIndex(ngx_http_script_compile_t* script, int index)
: script_(script), index_(index) {
CHECK(script != NULL);
CHECK(index > 0 && index < NGX_PAGESPEED_MAX_ARGS);
virtual ~ScriptArgIndex() {}
ngx_http_script_compile_t* script() { return script_; }
int index() { return index_; }
// Not owned.
ngx_http_script_compile_t* script_;
int index_;
// Refcounted, because the ScriptArgIndexes inside data_ can be shared between
// different rewriteoptions.
class ScriptLine : public RefCounted<ScriptLine> {
explicit ScriptLine(StringPiece* args, int n_args,
RewriteOptions::OptionScope scope)
: n_args_(n_args),
scope_(scope) {
for (int i = 0; i < n_args; i++) {
args_[i] = args[i];
virtual ~ScriptLine() {
void AddScriptAndArgIndex(ngx_http_script_compile_t* script,
int script_index) {
CHECK(script != NULL);
data_.push_back(new ScriptArgIndex(script, script_index));
int n_args() { return n_args_;}
StringPiece* args() { return args_;}
RewriteOptions::OptionScope scope() { return scope_; }
std::vector<ScriptArgIndex*>& data() {
return data_;
StringPiece args_[NGX_PAGESPEED_MAX_ARGS];
int n_args_;
RewriteOptions::OptionScope scope_;
std::vector<ScriptArgIndex*> data_;
class NgxRewriteOptions : public SystemRewriteOptions {
// See rewrite_options::Initialize and ::Terminate
static void Initialize();
static void Terminate();
NgxRewriteOptions(const StringPiece& description,
ThreadSystem* thread_system);
explicit NgxRewriteOptions(ThreadSystem* thread_system);
virtual ~NgxRewriteOptions() { }
// args is an array of n_args StringPieces together representing a directive.
// For example:
// ["RewriteLevel", "PassThrough"]
// or
// ["EnableFilters", "combine_css,extend_cache,rewrite_images"]
// or
// ["ShardDomain", "", ","]
// Apply the directive, returning NGX_CONF_OK on success or an error message
// on failure.
// pool is a memory pool for allocating error strings.
// cf is only required when compile_scripts is true
// when compile_scripts is true, the rewrite_options will be prepared
// for replacing any script $variables encountered in args. when false,
// script variables will be substituted using the prepared rewrite options.
const char* ParseAndSetOptions(
StringPiece* args, int n_args, ngx_pool_t* pool, MessageHandler* handler,
NgxRewriteDriverFactory* driver_factory, OptionScope scope,
ngx_conf_t* cf, ProcessScriptVariablesMode script_mode);
bool ExecuteScriptVariables(
ngx_http_request_t* r, MessageHandler* handler,
NgxRewriteDriverFactory* driver_factory);
void CopyScriptLinesTo(NgxRewriteOptions* destination) const;
void AppendScriptLinesTo(NgxRewriteOptions* destination) const;
// Make an identical copy of these options and return it.
virtual NgxRewriteOptions* Clone() const;
// Returns a suitably down cast version of 'instance' if it is an instance
// of this class, NULL if not.
static const NgxRewriteOptions* DynamicCast(const RewriteOptions* instance);
static NgxRewriteOptions* DynamicCast(RewriteOptions* instance);
const GoogleString& statistics_path() const {
return statistics_path_.value();
const GoogleString& global_statistics_path() const {
return global_statistics_path_.value();
const GoogleString& console_path() const {
return console_path_.value();
const GoogleString& messages_path() const {
return messages_path_.value();
const GoogleString& admin_path() const {
return admin_path_.value();
const GoogleString& global_admin_path() const {
return global_admin_path_.value();
const std::vector<RefCountedPtr<ScriptLine> >& script_lines() const {
return script_lines_;
const bool& clear_inherited_scripts() const {
return clear_inherited_scripts_;
// Helper methods for ParseAndSetOptions(). Each can:
// - return kOptionNameUnknown and not set msg:
// - directive not handled; continue on with other possible
// interpretations.
// - return kOptionOk and not set msg:
// - directive handled, all's well.
// - return kOptionValueInvalid and set msg:
// - directive handled with an error; return the error to the user.
// msg will be shown to the user on kOptionValueInvalid. While it would be
// nice to always use msg and never use the MessageHandler, some option
// parsing code in RewriteOptions expects to write to a MessageHandler. If
// that happens we put a summary on msg so the user sees something, and the
// detailed message goes to their log via handler.
OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptions0(
StringPiece directive, GoogleString* msg, MessageHandler* handler);
virtual OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptionFromName1(
StringPiece name, StringPiece arg,
GoogleString* msg, MessageHandler* handler);
// We may want to override 2- and 3-argument versions as well in the future,
// but they are not needed yet.
// Keeps the properties added by this subclass. These are merged into
// RewriteOptions::all_properties_ during Initialize().
// RewriteOptions uses static initialization to reduce memory usage and
// construction time. All NgxRewriteOptions instances will have the same
// Properties, so we can build the list when we initialize the first one.
static Properties* ngx_properties_;
static void AddProperties();
void Init();
// Add an option to ngx_properties_
template<class OptionClass>
static void add_ngx_option(typename OptionClass::ValueType default_value,
OptionClass NgxRewriteOptions::*offset,
const char* id,
StringPiece option_name,
OptionScope scope,
const char* help,
bool safe_to_print) {
AddProperty(default_value, offset, id, option_name, scope, help,
safe_to_print, ngx_properties_);
Option<GoogleString> statistics_path_;
Option<GoogleString> global_statistics_path_;
Option<GoogleString> console_path_;
Option<GoogleString> messages_path_;
Option<GoogleString> admin_path_;
Option<GoogleString> global_admin_path_;
bool clear_inherited_scripts_;
std::vector<RefCountedPtr<ScriptLine> > script_lines_;
// Helper for ParseAndSetOptions. Returns whether the two directives equal,
// ignoring case.
bool IsDirective(StringPiece config_directive, StringPiece compare_directive);
// Returns a given option's scope.
RewriteOptions::OptionScope GetOptionScope(StringPiece option_name);
// TODO(jefftk): support fetch proxy in server and location blocks.
} // namespace net_instaweb