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.\" Hey, EMACS: -*- nroff -*-
.\" (C) Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
.TH pagespeed_js_minify 1 "15 Dec 2016" "mod_pagespeed"
pagespeed_js_minify \- simple JavaScript minifier
.B pagespeed_js_minify [\fI -print_size_and_hash \fR] [\fI file \fR]
\fBpagespeed_js_minify\fP is a simple JavaScript minifier that
removes whitespace where it's safe to do so, but does not
do any variable renaming.
It can also be used to generate \fIModPagespeedLibrary\fR directives
for use with \fBmod_pagespeed\fP.
If a filename is included, it will be used as the input. If not,
the input source code will be read from standard input instead.
If \fI-print_size_and_hash\fR is included, rather than printing
the minified sourcecode, the arguments appropriate for detecting
the input with the \fIModPagespeedLibrary\fR configuration directive
of \fBmod_pagespeed\fP will be produced.