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 This method will populate the provided vector with all the backends known to the SDK.
 The method will return `Status::OK` on success and `Status::FLOW_ERROR` if the SDK was not initialized.
+##### `Status GetServiceDetails(const String& url, OUT ServiceDetails& serviceDetails);`
+This method is provided for applications working with the _MIRACL MFA Platform_.
+After scanning a QR Code from the platform login page, the app should extract the URL from it and call this method to retreive the service details.
+The service details include the _backend URL_ which needs to be set back to the SDK in order connect it to the platform.
+This method could be called even before the SDK has been initialized, or alternatively the SDK could be initialized without setting a backend, and `SetBackend()` could be used after the backend URL has been retreived through this method.
+The returned `ServiceDetails` look as follows:
+class ServiceDetails
+    String name;
+    String backendUrl;
+    String rpsPrefix;
+    String logoUrl;
+* `name` is the service readable name
+* `backendUrl` is the URL of the service backend. This URL has to be set either via the SDK `Init()` method or using  `SetBackend()`
+* `rpsPrefix` is RPS prefix setting which is also provided together with `backendUrl` while setting a backend
+* `logoUrl` is the URL of the service logo. The logo is a UI element that could be used by the app.
 ##### `Status GetSessionDetails(const String& accessCode, OUT SessionDetails& sessionDetails);`
 This method could be optionally used to retrieve details regarding a browser session when the SDK is used to authenticate users to an online service, such as the _MIRACL MFA Platform_.
 In this case an `accessCode` is transferred to the mobile device out-of-band e.g. via scanning a graphical code.