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AMCL is very simple to build for Java. This version is optimal for a 64-bit
Virtual Machine.
First - decide the modulus type and curve type you want to use. Edit
where indicated. You might want to use one of the curves whose details are
already in there.
Three example API files are provided, which
supports our M-Pin (tm) protocol, which supports elliptic
curve key exchange, digital signature and public key crypto, and
which supports the RSA method. The first can be tested using the driver programs, the second can be tested using
and, and the third with
In the file you must provide the curve constants. Several examples
are provided there, if you are willing to use one of these.
To help generate the ROM constants for your own curve some MIRACL helper
programs are included. The program bngen.cpp generates the ROM details for a
BN curve, and the program ecgen.cpp generates the ROM for EC curves.
The program bigtobig.cpp converts a big number to the AMCL
BIG format.
Don't forget to delete all .class files before rebuilding projects.
For a quick jumpstart:-
del *.class
java TestMPIN