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<p>Livy (currently an alpha release) is a service that enables easy interaction with an Apache Spark cluster over a REST interface. It enables easy submission of Spark jobs or snippets of Spark code, synchronous or asynchronous result retrieval, as well as SparkContext management, all via a simple REST interface or a RPC client library. Livy also simplifies the interaction between Spark from application servers, thus enabling the use of Spark for interactive web/mobile applications. Additional features include:</p>
<li>Have long running SparkContexts that can be used for multiple Spark jobs, by multiple clients</li>
<li>Share cached RDDs or Dataframes across multiple jobs and clients</li>
<li>Multiple SparkContexts can be managed simultaneously, and they run on the cluster (YARN/Mesos) instead of the Livy Server for good fault tolerance and concurrency</li>
<li>Jobs can be submitted as precompiled jars, snippets of code, or via Java/Scala client API</li>
<li>Ensure security via secure authenticated communication</li>
<li>Apache License, 100% open source</li>
<p>To learn more, <a href="">watch this tech session video</a> from Spark Summit West 2016.</p>
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<h4><img src="img/livy-architecture.png" width="800" height="425"><br>
Livy Architecture </h4>
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